Every project starts with a call or email to your Relationship Manager (RM). Your RM will listen to your request, assess strategic fit and work with staff in Strategic Marketing and Communications to develop the best solution to meet your need and ensure that the appropriate staff are assembled to execute the project. The RM is a key touch point throughout your project.


Among the questions you will be asked: What is your goal, audience, budget and timeframe? Who will be the ultimate approver for the project? We discuss quantities and distribution, and provide you with an initial estimate on costs. Our planning, concept, writing and design services are provided at no cost to you. We also make recommendations on which channels will best meet your communication needs.


Next, we take the information from above and begin project development. A project manager will work closely with the RM to carry out your project. If the project involves print or web products (e.g. a booklet, poster, invitation, website), our creative team will develop concepts for you to review. If the project is PR-related, our staff will develop written drafts to share with you. The idea is to creat a solid working version of your project for you to react to and share feedback on.


We take your feedback from the initial concept or draft and develop it into a full-fledged communication piece. Whether your needs include a single medium or multiple media, we ensure your entire package reflects the tone and content you want to convey.


We provide you with an opportunity to review the finished product and make adjustments if necessary. For creative projects, once we receive your final approval, we ask you to confirm in writing the quantity and your acceptance of the work. In the case of printed products, we also bid out work to ensure you receive the best price.


Finally, for print projects, we work with our vendors to make sure your end product meets expectations. For PR projects, once the client has signed off, the news release is published through UMKC channels or distributed to media for publication.

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