Video Production Support

MCom can provide valuable support for video projects of all kinds.


The creative team kicks off each project by meeting with the client to assess the goals and parameters of the video. MCom manages the bid process, selecting a video vendor based on quality of work, experience, fees and delivery schedule. MCom develops a timeline, writes the script (if needed), coordinates necessary details between the vendor and client and suggests filming locations. MCom also recommends talent, though assistance from the client may be required and, in some cases, additional fees may be required. MCom typically coordinates the video shoot, post-production work and delivery of the video. After delivery, MCom handles all billing and payments.


MCom requires a nonrefundable payment of $250 when the project begins.



  • 15% of total video production cost
  • $250 (nonrefundable) due at start of project


For UMKC units, contact your Relationship Manager.

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