Technical Services

The Missouri Institute for Defense & Energy at UMKC is proud to offer Materials Characterization Lab and Fabrication Shop services for UMKC faculty, students, professional staff, and academia and industry partners.

We’ve developed and implemented best practices throughout our labs and facilities to ensure we always live up to the highest standards and exceed our customer needs. As such, we are always striving to improve our own methods and lab testing services. MIDE also prides ourselves on offering hands-on experience to our student researchers as they work side-by-side with our accomplished and proficient faculty and professional staff.

Material Characterization Lab

The MCL offers a unique combination of a diverse range of techniques along with highly trained technical and support staff provides expertise in microscopy, surface analysis, physical property determination, chemical analysis, and much more.

MCL staff are committed to the education of future scientists, engineers, and industry in the use of advanced instrumentation and the interpretation of results.

The Material Characterization Lab has a wide variety of characterization techniques which help to increase the different degrees of understanding why different materials show different properties and behaviors.

Fabrication Shop

The UMKC MIDE Fabrication Shop goal is to provide services and solutions to researchers and students that need custom machining or manufacturing. Staffed by highly skilled technicians, the Fabrication Shop offers a diverse array of fabrication and repair abilities, including welding, painting, electronics equipment diagnosis and repair, construction of new electronic devices, optical projects, sheet-metal fabrication, 3D printing, and a wide selection of machining capabilities.

With experience in machining plastics, Teflon, glass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and more, Fabrication Shop technicians provide CNC machining for complex parts and assemblies as well as complete cost-effective multiple-part orders. For office use only: Work Order Form