Read-Cycling Center

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What's it all about?

The MindBody Connection introduces its new “Read-Cycling Center” – a library featuring both a Take-One/Leave-One collection (for book swapping) and a Permanent Collection that students can enjoy while lounging at the MBC. This is a great way to pick up a great new book or pass on a book you enjoyed so that others can enjoy it, too. The Permanent Collection features books that fit with the mission of the MindBody Connection: to promote relaxation, introspection, self-knowledge, and a peaceful mind. Come make a cup of tea at our tea station, curl up in a comfy chair, kick off your shoes, and enjoy a little me-time with a good book.

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How the Read-Cycling Center Works

The Take-One/Leave-One library is an opportunity for book swapping. Peruse the shelf and pick out a book you would like to take home and read. Either bring a book to swap at that time, bring a book the next time you come in, or return the original book after you read it. You can also donate books (see below).

The Permanent Collection are books that will remain at the MindBody Connection to be enjoyed while at the MBC. They will be designated from the Take-One/Leave-One books by a visible pink tag. Feel free to read one while you are here.

Swapping and Donating Books

Please bring books to swap or donate that are in “reasonable” (i.e. readable, has all the pages, etc.) condition. Pretty much any book is fair game – fiction, non-fiction, novels and stories, how-to, self-improvement/wellness, poetry, biographies, anything. We do ask that you don’t swap or donate text books. Any books that we don’t use or that don’t get swapped after a while will be donated onward to local public libraries. If you have any questions about donating or swapping, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Some Current Books in the Take-One/Leave-One Collection

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Some Current Books in the Permanent Collection

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