UMKC Muscle Biology Research Group

"Understanding the cellular mechanisms that contribute to aging-related muscle weakness is essential for the development of effective treatments and improved care for the elderly.”

Marco Brotto
MUBIG Program Coordinator


Following is a list of equipment and expertise currently available in MUBIG:

• Nikon Confocal Microscope

• One Intact Power lab-Radnotti Muscle Setup for contractility and fatigue experiments (force transducers, channel amplifiers, chart recorder, electrical stimulator, stimulus isolation unit, 1 Pentium-II PC equipped with PowerLab for Windows).

• Two single muscle fiber setups for contractility studies (force transducers, channel amplifiers, chart recorder).

• A complete Photon Technology International (PTI) system for ratiometric, calcium imaging experiments and vesicles/cell suspension: a) Photometer measurement of fluorescence in individual cells; b) Calcium Imaging in individual cells. C) Cell suspension/vesicles chamber for photometric studies.

• Facilities for molecular and cell biological studies, and protein biochemical assays

• Dedicated cell culture hood and CO2 incubator.

• -80C Freezer,

• Nanopure water purification system

• Force plate actimeter

• Rodent treadmill

• GE DIGE imaging system for 2D gels and multiplexing Westernblotting.

• Olympus IX-51 epifluorescent microscope with Fura-2 ratiometric imaging capabilities

• Corbett Research Rotorgene Real-time PCR machine

• 16 channel Powerlab and 3 organ bath modules for measuring muscle contraction

• Langendorf apparatus for heart perfusion

• Olympus dissecting scope with camera

• Eppendorf microcentrifuge (model 5414R)

• Hermle (z300) swinging bucket centriguge

• Thermolyne Dri-bath incubator

• Gel electrophoresis equipment (Fisher Scientific)

• Protein electrophoresis and Western blotting equipment (Bio-Rad and Invitrogen)


Danish Myo Technology:
    • Flow meter Model 161FM
    • Pressure myograph system 111P
    • Wire myograph system 610M  

    • Olympus 1X71
    • Olympus SZ61 dissecting scopes (X2)  

    • Molecular devices axon CNS multiclamp 700B microelectrode amplifier
    • Molecular devices axon CNS digidata 1440A data acquisition system
    • Bioscience tools PC-16 perfusion system

• Eppendorf PCR thermocycle


Contact us

Marco Brotto, B.S.N., M.S., Ph.D.
MUBIG Program Director
UMKC School of Nursing
Health Science Building
2464 Charlotte Street
Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone: 816-235-1959
Fax: 816-235-5515