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Communications Protocol

Here's how we'll communicate COVID-19 cases on campus

Updated: 6/29/2020

UMKC will publicly notify the campus of positive COVID cases under the following circumstances:

  • First, public health authorities or the individual with confirmed positive test must notify UMKC of a confirmed case.

If that condition is met and the confirmed case involves an individual who has been on campus and has had significant exposure to others, UMKC will send:

  1. A general notification to campus if public health authorities report that a broad group of individuals in one or more locations may have been exposed. These notifications will also be noted on this page, which is linked to the campus Coronavirus website.
  2. In addition, a targeted notification may go out, if public health authorities can definitively trace contacts to a specific, limited list of individuals. The local health department is responsible for coordinating with UMKC health and wellness staff to ensure the notification of those individuals.

No notification would include personally identifying details of the individual to protect their privacy, according to state and federal guidelines. This includes no listing of name, gender or other potentially identifying details (class standing, degree program, etc.).

Under state law, personal privacy is protected and local health departments have jurisdiction in all public health matters. UMKC relies on these health experts to determine protocols for how to handle positive tests of faculty, staff or students on campus. These protocols guide campus health authorities’ assessment of positive cases as well as initiation of “contact tracing” to determine who an individual may have come into close contact with. In addition, protocols by local health agencies and the CDC guide the university’s practices to clean and disinfect any affected spaces and to provide additional health/medical information to affected individuals.  

These privacy safeguards mean that UMKC may have very limited testing information about its community as a whole. There may be many positive tests that the university’s leadership, including faculty and staff, don’t know about.

UMKC has taken, and will continue to take, a number of actions to monitor and protect the safety of our on-site community, protocols and precautions regarding public hygiene and enhanced cleaning protocols to minimize health risks on campus.

We remind everyone to remain vigilant and practice good hygiene. That includes following these recommendations, which include: wear a face covering, maintain social distancing, wash your hands regularly, monitor your health and stay home if you are sick.

Here are our campus notifications:

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