Carlson Recognized for Outstanding Planning and Implementation

Love of people and numbers leads to staff award
Staff award recipient receives award from Chancellor Mauli Agrawal

One of the keys to academic success on the personal and university levels is good planning. Creating a process that enables students and administrators to chart paths to graduation, through the many complications that can sometimes arise, is not an easy task.

But Amy Carlson, associate registrar, has a gift for seeing process in her head, visualizing holes and forming ideas on how to fill them. These unique and essential skills led to an effective Degree Audit Reporting System for UMKC and the recognition of being awarded the Excellence in Planning, Operations and Stewardship Staff Award.

"This is the perfect job for me."Amy Carlson

“I very much believe that my mathematics education gave me the skills needed to think critically and look at most situations like a puzzle,” Carlson says.  “I am definitely a visual person, but as much as I love numbers, I also love people. My master’s degree in college student personnel administration helped me to find my passion in education and help others to help themselves.”   

Corrina Beck, senior academic advisor for the School of Nursing and Health Studies, recommended Carlson for the recognition.

“It seems as if this award had been created specifically for her,” Beck says. “Amy began in the Registration and Records Office nearly eight years ago and quickly became indispensable. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that the degree-audit system works without exceptions whenever possible.”

This attention to detail in developing accurate degree audits is essential to the new planning tool’s success. Carlson is often contacted by advisors across campus for assistance. 

“Amy consistently provides excellent help and advice with these systems,” Beck says.  “Her skillset and experience make her absolutely unique and invaluable to the university.”

Carlson did not know that her co-workers had nominated her for the award until she received the congratulatory call from Chancellor Mauli Agrawal.

“I felt a mix of emotions: excited, shocked, baffled, humbled and very grateful. This is the perfect job for me. I am able to use my love for numbers and people….and get paid!”

Published: Jun 5, 2019