Why Kansas City is a Great Place to Start Your Career

And UMKC is located in the heart of it all
Skyline of Kansas City showing Western Auto building sign and Kauffman Center

Kansas City has it all, and offers many opportunities in a variety of fields. These are just a few of the reasons why KC is a top place to kick off your career. 

 1. World-class businesses call Kansas City home.

Recognized corporations and organizations call KC their home. Children’s Mercy is one of the best-known hospitals in the Midwest and across the U.S. Other big names like Garmin, Sprint, Burns & McDonnell, among others, operate worldwide and have their headquarters in the Kansas City area. These companies offer great opportunities and help allow you to develop your career in any field you choose. Most of them offer internships that are great options to complement your studies at UMKC.

2. You can get experience while completing your degree.

Being in the heart of a city is amazing! I didn’t realize how cool it was until I started looking for my first internship. There are so many fields you can look into, and so many companies you can work for.

If you start early on getting internship experience, you can easily change fields or companies every semester. While being part of the Bloch School of Management, I have had great opportunities and growth while completing internships. Then during your senior year, some students have the opportunity to work a part-time job and turn it into a full-time job right after graduation. Being in a big city is also great to build a network. It sounds cliché, but nowadays it is all about the connections you are able to build with people around you.

3. Kansas City is growing … fast!

I have been in Kansas City for four years now, and there is a huge difference between Kansas City now and the one I met four years ago. The Streetcar is one of the biggest projects that has influenced the growth. It’s a great way to connect the city, and it is also great for tourists. Construction will begin soon to extend the Streetcar from the Crossroads Arts District to UMKC. In addition, Kansas City International Airport has begun construction on a major, four-year renovation. It will be a one-terminal airport that will serve as a big hub in the Midwest.

Projects like these are bringing lots of new employment opportunities to the city. More companies are moving in, not to mention all the successful startups emerging. Check out Startland News for some of the top startups in Kansas City.


Published: Jun 24, 2019