UMKC Orientation students at orientation events

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for Orientation?

To register for Summer Orientation, you will need your UMKC Username/Single Sign On (SSO), which was included in your UMKC admission letter. Set up your information, go to the Information Services Homepage, click on the New User Activation button, and follow the prompts. If you do not know your UMKC Username/SSO or need assistance, contact the UMKC Call Center by phone at (816) 235-2000 or by email at The Call Center is open Monday through Friday, 7:30am-5:00pm.


Summer Orientation 2019 registration is currently closed, and will open in Spring 2019. Please go to the Summer Orientation website for further instructions and a timeline of our Summer Orientation program.


Spring Orientation 2019 registration is currently closed. Please go to the Spring Orientation website for further instructions and a timeline of our Spring Orientation program. Spring Orientation 2019 registration will open in November 2018.

What will I do at Orientation?

Orientation is designed to help undergraduate, domestic students feel ready to start college at UMKC. You will make connections with other students, learn about campus resources, and potentially enroll in classes and speak directly with academic advisors and faculty (depending on the type of Orientation program you register for). You will also pose for your student ID photo, reserve textbooks, purchase a dining plan, and meet with representatives from Financial Aid and Scholarships and Residential Life.

Who should attend Orientation?

Summer Orientation is mandatory for all incoming first-time college/freshmen students. The college experience is new for these students, and the information shared at Orientation will be critical to getting a strong start at UMKC.

We understand that transfer students may have "been there and done that", but not at UMKC. The most updated transfer student Orientation requirements will be released in Spring 2019. All transfer students are required to meet directly with their Academic Advisor before scheduling their first semester of classes. For more information about Summer Transfer Orientation, visit our Transfer Orientation page.


For more information about Spring Orientation, visit our Spring Orientation page. Please note that Spring Orientation has different attendance requirements and a different schedule than Summer Orientation programs.

How much does Orientation cost?

Summer Orientation: The student and guest fees for Summer Orientation 2019 will be released in Spring 2019. There is a limit of 3 guests maximum per registered Summer Orientation student. Orientation fees support the Orientation program and other student-centered activities that help welcome students to UMKC.


Spring Orientation: The Spring 2019 Orientation registration fee is $10 for students, and free for their families and guests. There is a limit of 2 guests maximum per registered Spring Orientation student.


The Office of Admissions will bill the Orientation fee(s) to your UMKC student account after Orientation. Due to federal regulations, Orientation guest registration fees cannot be paid with federal financial aid and/or scholarships. Please check your UMKC student account to be sure you meet all payment deadlines (if applicable). All Orientation fees are nonrefundable. UMKC will issue no refunds if you cancel your registration, do not attend UMKC, and/or reduce your guest count.


Orientation fees pay for the expenses involved in hosting the comprehensive one-day program, including meals, snacks, mailings, information folders, bags, pens, and the official UMKC Orientation t-shirt. The fees also support activities and programming during the first few weeks of school. These activities ensure that the over 2,000 new undergraduate students feel welcomed by the UMKC community and transition smoothly to campus.

Do I need to pay for parking?

Weekday Orientation Program (Spring & Summer Orientation): Parking passes are free and required for all weekday UMKC Orientation programs. Once registered for Orientation, more information will be sent via email with parking details, including where to park and how to submit a request to receive a one-day guest permit. Orientation participants will be required to print and bring this permit with them on the day of the Orientation program, displaying the permit on their vehicle front dashboard. Please do not park in designated parking spots unless you have proper parking identification. At this time, only one UMKC guest parking permit will be issued per Orientation student registrant.


Weekend Orientation Program (Spring & Summer): A parking pass is not required for weekend Orientation programs. Please do not park in designated parking spots, unless you have proper parking identification.

What should I do before attending Orientation?

Firstly, get excited about becoming a Roo! Secondly, check out the 2018 Summer Orientation Checklist for all new Summer 2018/Fall 2018 incoming students. We will have an updated version of this Checklist for Summer 2019 coming soon. This checklist includes tasks such as setting up your Username/Single Sign On (SSO) and password, activating your UMKC email, and preparing for your academic advising session. Please note that this checklist will also be sent to the home address of those who have registered prior to their Orientation program.


For Spring 2019 Orientation, please check back in November 2018 for more updates.

What should I wear?

We recommend that students and their family members/guests dress casually and appropriately for the weather. Many activities involve moving around campus, so comfortable shoes and appropriate outdoor clothing are highly recommended. Feel free to wear UMKC gear, or purchase it at the UMKC Bookstore during the Orientation session!

I would like to stay overnight in Kansas City. What are my options?

There are currently no on-campus overnight stay options for Spring 2019 Orientation and Summer 2019 Orientation.

View a list of hotels in the Kansas City area. When making your reservation, ask if the hotel has a special rate for UMKC guests.


When is the first day of class?

The first day of classes for Spring Semester 2019 is Tuesday, January 22, 2019.

The first day of Fall Semester 2019 classes is Monday, August 19, 2019.

The first day of class is important, but that's only one day to talk about--there are so many more!


UMKC has many ways for you to get involved and connected when the semester begins. To learn about the events, clubs, and organizations that can help you feel a part of the UMKC community, check out the Office of Student Involvement as well as our UMKC Academic Calendar.


Save the date! Welcome Week takes place the first weekend and first weeks of Fall Semester 2019! During Welcome Week, we plan fun activities from barbeques to community service events for all incoming Roos. We want you to feel part of the UMKC community! Mark your calendar for Convocation, the Chancellor's official welcome to the UMKC incoming class. Convocation is followed by Unionfest, a celebration of food, fun, and music. Both events are Sunday, August 18, 2019.

If an Orientation date is full, does the Admissions Office maintain a waitlist?

We do not maintain a waitlist for Orientation dates that have been closed because of capacity. Students may change dates leading up to their Orientation, which may open a previously closed date. Please continue to visit the Orientation website for the most up to date information.

What if I have more questions about Orientation?

You may contact a staff member in the UMKC Admissions Office by email.