Program Agreements   

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What is an MOU? An MOA?

UMKC has many collaborations and partnerships with institutions around the world. These agreements are grounded in the academic mission of the university, with the express commitment to comprehensive internationalization through the education of globally competent citizens who understand the diverse and global nature of business, politics, the arts, research, the environment and health. Academic partnerships between UMKC and international institutions are normally created through two types of documents:

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

An MOU is the initial university-wide agreement that establishes an institutional collaboration between UMKC and an international partner. The MOU is general in language; its purpose is to affirm a commitment to collaborate in such areas as: student exchange and education, faculty exchange and development, research, publication, scholarly symposia, and other mutually beneficial forms of cooperation.

Memorandum of Articulation (MOA)

An MOA is a formal agreement, grounded in the original MOU, which expands upon the established institutional partnership between UMKC and an international partner. The MOA establishes academic and partnership expectations and procedures between UMKC and another university, college or educational institution. The MOA is specific to individual academic units, and is intended to describe a partnership between the academic programs of two or more institutions. It describes in clear language the role of each partner institution in the proposed program or project. The MOA will identify the academic mission, the necessary criteria for the admission/participation of students into particular academic programs, costs and fees, coursework, teaching responsibilities and all other relevant information for the implementation of the program.