Office of the Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor

General Education Advisory Task Force

From 2009-2010, the General Education Advisory Task Force led the initiative of reviewing and making recommendations for renewing the UMKC general education program. 


The General Education Advisory Task Force was charged with developing a strategy/plan for the creation and implementation of a “new” UMKC general education program that was tied to the UMKC mission, put student success and student retention as a focus, included a premier student learning assessment component and had an ongoing review and revision cycle. This plan was submitted to the Provost as a recommendation.

The work of the committee included:

  • Reviewing current national perspectives regarding general education experiences for undergraduate students in higher education, including: AAC&U’s position statements and publications, reviewing aspirational peer institutions’ general education and assessment programs and reviewing programs at institutions deemed to be exemplars of “best practices” associated with general education and student learning outcome assessment associated with general education programs.
  •  Reviewing current work in the state of Missouri regarding entrance and exit competencies (CAI) and consider this work in the revision of the UMKC general education program.
  •  Reviewing any additional relevant material to assist in the development of an outstanding general education program.
  •  Developing and implementing a plan for engaging the university campus in discussions regarding the revision of UMKC’s general education program.
  •  Maintaining student engagement and student retention concerns at the forefront of general education plans, including the development of a unique “UMKC” student experience in general education tied to the university mission.
  •  Preparing a written proposal for submission to the AAC&U General Education Summer Institute focused on our UMKC campus revision efforts.