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Members of the Faculty may request emeritus designation upon declaration of retirement from the University.  Retired Faculty who have received the title of emeritus shall continue as non-voting members of the campus Faculty and their names shall appear in the list of Officers of Instruction and Administration in the University Catalog.  UMKC Emeritus Faculty shall also maintain a free email account indefinitely, and are eligible to join the UMKC Emeritus College.

UMKC Emeritus Designation Process

  • The retiring faculty member sends written notice to the unit Dean indicating a desire to receive emeritus status. Ideally, this should be done at the time the Intent-to-Retire paperwork is submitted. The faculty member must submit an up-to-date CV along with the written request, as well as any supporting documentation as evidence of meritorious contributions to the department and the university.
  • The Dean, in consultation with the unit HRBP, reviews the faculty member’s basic eligibility for consideration for emeritus status in terms of employment duration and title against the criteria provided in CRR320.090 Section A.
  • If the faculty member is deemed eligible to be considered for emeritus status, the Dean initiates a vote of the appropriate eligible voting departmental faculty. In requesting the vote, the Dean should provide the  applicant’s CV and supporting documentation received with the request for consideration.
  • If denied, Dean notifies Candidate of faculty decision in writing.
  • If the faculty member’s contributions to the department and the university are recognized as meritorious as determined by majority vote of the members of the eligible departmental voting faculty, the Dean will create an application packet for the Provost containing the faculty member’s written request, any supporting evidence that accompanied the request, documentation of the faculty vote, and a separate letter conveying the Dean’s independent recommendation. This packet should be emailed to the Faculty Affairs Specialist ( who will facilitate reviews by the Provost and Chancellor.
  • The Provost will review all information provided in the packet, add the Provost’s independent recommendation, and forward the full packet to the Chancellor.
  • The Chancellor will review all information in the packet and render a final decision on the request in writing to the faculty member.
  • If the emeritus designation is supported by the UMKC Chancellor and if the applicant holds a Curators’ Professorship or Curators’ Teaching Professorship at the time of retirement, the request will then be forwarded to the Board of Curators for consideration of the Curators’ Emeritus designation.

HR Instructions

  • Unit’s HRBP attaches approval letter to a completed Courtesy Appointment Personnel Action Form (PAF), noting any emeritus-related ‘perks’ in the “Comments” field of the PAF.  Emeritus designation effective date is the retirement date or Emeritus Approval letter date (whichever is latest).  There should be no end date on the PAF; Courtesy Appointment remains active until death.  Unit HRBP forwards PAF and Letter to Provost Office (Attn: Chris Popoola, 336 AC) for approval and processing.  Effective Fall 2012, there will be only one Emeritus title code (0074 Emeritus) for all Emeritus rank designations; please enter the appropriate Emeritus rank designation in the “Working Title” field of the PAF.

UM System Emeritus Designation rules and exceptions are described in full in the Collected Rules and Regulations, CRR 320.090.