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Leaves of Absence/FMLA

Leave of Absence Request documentation must be received in the Provost Office no less than 90 days in advance of requested leave effective date (except emergency Medical Leaves). All Faculty members who accept a paid leave must state their intention to return to the University for the same amount of time they plan to be gone.

Please note that all required FMLA paperwork must be filed in the UMKC Human Resources Office to qualify for a paid Medical Leave for qualified faculty, and all FMLA requirements must be met by the candidate (including the submission of documentation to support the FMLA request as required by UMKC Human Resources) to receive pay for an FMLA leave.  Failure to qualify for FMLA or failure to supply required FMLA documentation will result in either a denial of paid Medical Leave and/or the conversion of a leave in progress to an unpaid Personal Leave, at which point the candidate will be responsible for reimbursing the university for any payments received during the unpaid Personal Leave period.  Review the CRR 340.070 Faculty Leave Policy Section B.2.f. to determine whether a faculty member qualifies for paid FMLA Medical Leave.

  1. Candidate should review CRR 340.070 Faculty Leave policy to determine the type of Leave for which to apply. Candidate should discuss the most suitable Leave type with their Department Chair, and/or contact the Provost Office ( x2721) or Human Resources (x1621) for additional information.
  2. Candidate should work with unit Human Resource Facilitator (HRF) to complete the Request for Leave of Absence Form UM108.  Form UM108 is required for ALL academic leaves, including medical and personal, paid or unpaid. HR’s notice of FMLA approval pending receipt of required documentation must be attached to UM Form 108 for all Medical Leave requests.
  3. Candidate creates and attaches appropriate documentation for the selected Leave type as required in CRR 340.070 Faculty Leave policy.
  4. Candidate forwards completed, signed form with all necessary documentation to the Department Chair for approval.
  5. Department Chair reviews Leave form and documentation, then signs original form if approved. Department Chair sends Memo of Support to the Dean with original form and all documentation.
  6. Dean reviews Leave form and documentation, then signs original form if approved. Dean writes Memo of Support to the Provost. Please note that Deans are responsible for arranging coverage of candidate’s duties and responsibilities during the Leave period.
  7. Dean sends original form with all documentation to unit HRF for final review and processing.
  8. Unit HRF is responsible for ensuring Leave form is complete and accurate, and that all necessary documentation is attached (Original Leave form, Dean Memo, Chair Memo, followed by any additional documentation appropriate to the selected Leave type as required in CRR 340.070 Faculty Leave policy.
  9. Unit HRF sends signed, original documentation via email to: Chris Popoola (
  10. Provost reviews all Leave Request documentation, then issues letter of approval or denial to Candidate.
  11. Provost retains all original documentation; a scanned copy of all signed documentation is returned via email to Candidate, Chair, Dean, and unit HRF.
  12. Unit HRF attaches copy of approved Request for Leave of Absence Form UM108 to Candidate’s Leave of Absence PAF three weeks prior to Leave effective date and sends to Provost Office via campus mail for processing (Attn: Susan Hankins).
  13. Candidate reports back to work, in person, to Department Chair on or before stated Leave of Absence end date.
  14. Department Chair notifies unit HRF of the date the Candidate has returned to work.
  15. Unit HRF prepares Return from Leave of Absence PAF with copy of approved Request for Leave of Absence Form UM108 and sends to Provost Office via campus mail for processing (Attn: Chris Popoola,

  • Family and Medical Leave” provides up to 12 weeks of paid (continuous or intermittent) leave within any 12-month period to qualified faculty (CRR 340.070 B.2.f) or unpaid medical leave for those faculty not qualified for paid medical leave  (CRR 340.070 B.2.g) and requires additional FMLA documentation with UMKC Human Resources including health care provider’s certification of medical necessity for Leave. A written health care provider’s certification is also required to return to work from the faculty’s own health condition. (CRR 340.070 B.2.) Paid FMLA leaves cannot exceed more than two 12-week paid leaves within a six-year period; additional leaves during any six-year period will be unpaid. (CRR 340.070 B.2.f.).
  •  Extension of Tenure Clock must be formally requested by probationary faculty in addition to filing Leave of Absence documentation. (See CRR 340.070 D. Extension of Probationary Periods for additional information)
  • Personal Leave Without Pay” may be granted for a period of up to one year in cases of exceptional personal or institutional reasons such as medical leave beyond the requirements of FMLA. (CRR 340.070 B.1.)
  • Faculty”, for the purposes of this policy, shall include all full-time tenured faculty, full-time tenure-track faculty, and full-time, ranked non-tenure track faculty (Ast/Assoc/Teaching Professor, Ast/Assoc/Research Professor, Ast/Assoc/Clinical Professor and Ast/Assoc/ExtensionProfessor titles). (CRR 340.070 E.)