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Faculty Performance and Evaluation

What to expect and when

Evaluation and Review Requirements

Review and evaluation of academic personnel at UMKC is based on a combination of UM System Collected Rules and Regulations, UMKC regulations and policies, academic unit policies, and department policies. This page helps faculty know what to expect and when.

At the system level, the section of the Collected Rules and Regulations pertinent to performance review is CRR 310.015.


Each year, supervisors conduct an annual review with each academic personnel (including faculty) in their report using MyVita. 

All academic personnel must update their academic teaching, research and service progress annually in the MyVita online database.

Provost’s Mid-Tenure Review Policy Guidelines

Probationary faculty on the tenure-track are expected to receive a formal mid-tenure review of their performance, generally held in the 3rd year of a six-year probationary period (adjusted for shorter probationary periods).

Purposes of the mid-tenure reviews are to:

  • assess the faculty members’ progress toward tenure,
  • inform the faculty members of the assessment outcome and steps to be taken to improve the prospects for tenure, and
  • inform appropriate deans of the assessment outcomes.

The reviews are structured like the established procedures used for promotion and/or tenure reviews in the academic unit, except that external evaluations normally are not obtained.

Following the review, the committee will inform the dean of the academic unit of the assessment and make one of the following recommendations:

  • To reappoint on a regular term appointment
  • Not to reappoint (For academic year term appointments, notice shall be given no later than thirty days prior to the first day of the terminal year of appointment where the terminal year is the third, or subsequent, year of service at this University.  See CRR 310.020 for additional details on nonreappointments.)

View and download mid-tenure track review policies by academic unit (requires SSO)

UM System will send a complete list of UMKC Faculty due for 5-year Post Tenure Review to the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs for distribution to the Deans.  Deans must verify the list with their Department Chairs and report any changes or discrepancies back to UMKC Faculty Affairs.  Deans will notify all faculty and their chairs of the impending review.  UMKC Faculty Affairs will forward the formal UM System 5-year Post Tenure Review Reporting forms to the Deans for distribution to the appropriate Chairs.  Deans are responsible for returning the completed forms to Faculty Affairs by the posted deadline.

The guidelines for completing the formal UM System Reports are as follows:

  • The basis of this report is CRR section 310.015, Procedures for Review of Faculty Performance, in the Collected Rules and Regulations
  • Under this CRR section, the criteria to be used for the five-year review are those developed by the tenured faculty of each department or unit and the first five-year review occurs after the criteria have been in place for at least five years.
  • For those tenured faculty members who do not qualify for the five-year review, indicate the reason they do not qualify.
  • For those faculty members where the overall performance is unequivocally satisfactory, indicate by an “S” in the form.  Note that an “S” indicates that the faculty member’s next formal cumulative review will be five years from this date.  If there are concerns about the performance, an “S” should not be used.  For those faculty members where the overall performance is unsatisfactory, indicate by a “U” in the form.  This will require additional follow up by the dean and/or department chair.
  • For those faculty members where there is concern about the performance, or where additional follow up review is appropriate, indicate by “*” on the form and add a note to the form indicating the concern or follow-up action.

View and download post-tenure review policies.