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Preparing Roos to Offer Format Flexible Courses - professional learning for faculty to prepare for a fall semester during a pandemic. #Roosready4whatever

PROFFcourses provided a variety of learning opportunities over the summer: virtual popups, learning communities, Canvas open houses, as well as workshops and panels. 

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PROFFCourses - Preparing Roos to Offer Format Flexible Courses

PROFFcourses took place over a span of 7 weeks and 4 days (53 days). A total of 42 presenters facilitated 35 sessions with 703 participants (duplicated participant headcount)

Thank you, presenters!

*Tara Allen * Kimberly Atchinson * Majid Bani Yaghoub * Owen Belcher * Hari Bhat * Michael Blake * Amy Cole * Alison DeSimone * Jessica Elam * Thiagarajan Ganesh * Karen Gorton * Viviana Grieco * Lorie Holt * Caitlin Horsmon * Heather Hunt * Margaret Kincaid * Christopher Madden * Daniel McIntosh * Kelley Melvin * Tanya Mitchell * Tho Nguyen * Carla Noack * Joseph Parisi * Mark Parry * Alexis Petri *  Jennifer Phegley * Sarah Pilgrim * Mostafizur Rahman * Charles Rigdon * Tiffani Riggers-Piehl * Seyed Roozmehr Safi * Keerthana Satheesh * Tammie Schaefer * Kati Toivanen * Karyn Turla * Stephanie Van Rhein * Mark Van Zandt * Michael Wacker * Jennifer Waddell * Laurel Watson * Danna Wren * Sybil Wyatt *

Miss a session? Want to review?

Access recordings, handouts, and other resources from PROFFcourses sessions on Canvas. PROFFcourses Resources is a self-enroll course and is open now. The site is at its most basic now and will improve over the coming days and weeks. Check the FAN website to browse a list of sessions. 
table describes different types of sessions offered
type description
panel presentations and webinars via Zoom  
virtual popups informal discussions about a topic; while there is a facilitator, all participants contribute to the discussion
learning communities   meeting once a week for one hour for 5 weeks; facilitated, topic-based
Canvas open houses  faculty provide a virtual tour of their Canvas site and show how they set various elements


View the PROFFcourses calendar