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UMKC's Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching (FaCET) fosters an intellectual exchange about teaching and learning for the purpose of making visible innovative approaches.

The Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching (FaCET) is faculty defined and operated with a focus on promoting academic excellence by facilitating student-centered pedagogies and practices. The Center sponsors forums for the discussion, assessment, development, and documentation of teaching practices with demonstrated verifiable benefits for students. The Center is a hub for existing UMKC programs that emphasize student learning and it is a gathering place for faculty who are committed to the improvement of their own teaching as well as for faculty who are committed to the scholarship of teaching and learning.



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Course Redesign

FaCET Archives

FaCET began over a decade ago. During the ensuing years, faculty developed resources, presentations, reports. This folder organizes the FaCET archive.

The UMKC course redesign campus efforts aligned with the National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT) and utilized information technology to increase course delivery efficiencies (cost of instruction) and increase student achievement (improve student learning outcomes).   As part of our participation in the NCAT Redesign Alliance, UMKC faculty had ongoing support from NCAT’s expert staff and Redesign Scholars.   

The focus of course redesign initiatives were on the redesigning of entire courses, not sections of courses and required faculty to rethink how to construct their courses by taking advantage of new information technology. The advent of new technology for teaching and learning freed faculty to increase active student learning and to be more engaged in the teaching and learning process with students rather than on administrative tasks. 

NCAT course redesigns at UMKC followed learner-centered principles and emphasized shifting more responsibility for learning to the students with rigorous accountability systems, in conjunction with focused student problem solving and interactive learning.  Depending on the course content, there were six NCAT course redesign models faculty could adopt; the supplement model, the replacement model, the emporium model, the fully online model, the buffet model and the linked workshop model.  Some reasons faculty wanted to redesign a course were:  increased student demand for classes where there were limitations of facilities and/or faculty (resource challenge); high D, F, W rates; poor academic student performance in subsequent courses; course content drift between multiple sections of class offerings; a need to decrease costs of course delivery; decreased student motivation for course content; faculty members desiring to shift a portion of their work from administrative tasks to more work with students as they learn.

FaCET hosts a fall and spring conference each year for faculty and staff. The topics range from classroom practices to more general higher education topics.

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Location: FaCET is located in the UMKC Miller Nichols Library, Suite 225, on the north side of the second floor.

Director, Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching (FaCET)
Candace Schlein, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Curriculum Studies
School of Education