Office of the Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor

General Education Task Force 2.0



The UMKC General Education Program 2.0 Task Force is charged with the review and re-design of the University’s General Education Program in order to meet existing requirements of the Higher Learning Commission and new requirements outlined in Missouri House Bill 2651: Higher Education Core Curriculum Transfer Act. It must achieve this while continuing to provide UMKC students with a high-quality, highly engaging educational experience that inspires their curiosity, and challenges their intellectual capacities with curricular breadth, depth, and interdisciplinary study that reflects the mission of the university. The core and emphasis of the program will be a clearly articulated focus on the skills, knowledge and values that UMKC students should demonstrate at the conclusion of their studies to demonstrate competence as individual citizens, professionals, and community leaders. At the end of the re-design process, all faculty will agree to support, to implement, and to continually refine the program which is developed, from a student-centric and data-driven perspective.
Charge to the General Education Program 2.0 Task Force


(Member, Representation)
Cindy Pemberton, Sponsor
Jane Greer, Co-Chair
Jennifer Waddell, Co-Chair
Amy Watson, Staff Support/Provost's Office

Voting Members
Carolyn Barber, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Rita Barger, School of Education-Faculty
Casey Bauer, School of Nursing-Advisor
Becky Bergman, College of Arts & Sciences-Advisor
Brenda Bethman, University Assessment Committee
Kim Bray, School of Dentistry-Faculty
Ruth Cain, Director of Assessment
Julie Cheslik, School of Law-Faculty
Rhiannon Dickerson, Adjunct Faculty
Andrea Drew Gounev, College of Arts & Sciences-Faculty
Janis Ellis Claypool, Faculty Member
Maqual Graham, School of Pharmacy-Faculty
Kim Greene, School of Dentistry-Advisor
Benjamin Howard, Transfer Officer
Shelly Janasz, School of Pharmacy-Advisor
John Kevern, School of Computing & Engineering-Faculty
Makini King, Diversity and Inclusion
Kristen Kleffner, School of Medicine-Advisor
Kristin Lee, School of Nursing-Faculty
Gayle Levy, Honors College-Faculty
Toya Like, College of Arts & Sciences-Faculty
Sabrina Madison-Cannon, Conservatory of Music & Dance-Faculty
Mardi Mahaffy, University Libraries
Brad Martens, School of education, Advisor
Darla McCarthy, School of Medicine-Faculty
Kim McNeley, University College/Undergraduate Advising
Molly Mead, eLearning Advisory Committee
Anthony Mendes, Bloch School of Management, Faculty
Coretta Muhammed, School of Computing & Engineering-Advisor
Wayne Nagy, Conservatory of Music & Dance-Advisor
Amy Prettejohn, Institutional Research
Aaron Reed, School of Biological Sciences-Advisor
Sharon Rodriguez Benarroch, Student Government Association
Jeff Rydberg-Cox, College of Arts & Sciences-Faculty
Doug Swink, Registrar
Kami Thomas, Bloch School of Management-Advisor
Dale Unglesbee, Financial Services
Beth Vonnahme, General Education Curriculum Committee
Marilyn Yoder, School of Biological Sciences-Faculty