Office of the Provost

Governance and Leadership of the UMKC Strategic Plan 2010-2020

Key Components

Visioning Team: We have had a coordinating committee, composed of the Provost, Deputy Provost, and faculty, that has been overseeing the implementation of the UMKC strategic plan. We have now replaced that small coordinating committee with the system strategic planning Visioning team that has been working on the development of the system strategic plan. That team is composed of faculty senate members, faculty, deans, Vice Chancellors, the Provost and Deputy Provost.

Ongoing Progress Reports: Currently we have committees, task forces or working groups set up for each major initiative (lever or action in the new terminology); each working group has a chair or co-chair responsible for organizing the work of that group. In cases where we are already implementing an initiative in the form of some kind of organizational structure (e.g., the Honors College) the administrator (in the case of the Honor College, the Dean), faculty or staff member in charge of that structure or initiative will have the responsibility of a chair. Every work group will submit a progress report quarterly, which will be posted on our strategic planning web site, and the visioning team will also meet in a large group format with all of the chairs and co-chairs of the implementation work groups. Each group will also share their progress reports and discuss concerns about the roll out of each initiative. At a minimum, we will also have annual town halls to report on progress and give the university community an opportunity to give feedback and shape next steps.

Funding structure and process: We anticipate that there will be some initiatives that we will move forward on whether or not we received system funding, and other initiatives that we will have to delay if system funding is not forthcoming. Those decisions will be finalized once we receive feedback on funding from system. Once we have made final decisions about what we will move forward on in year one, we will set up a budget for each initiative that receives funding, with Academic Affairs and Finance and Administration jointly overseeing those budgets. Once budgets are finalized we will move forward expeditiously with the final plans for implementation. The quarterly progress reports will include both information about implementation as well as budget information.

Accountability: As indicated above, there will be a designated leader for every initiative (chair, co-chairs, faculty, staff, administrators, etc.) who will be accountable to the Provost and ultimately the Chancellor. In some cases there will be a direct supervisor who will be responsible for leading an effort (e.g., Vice Chancellor for student affairs and/or deputy Provost for some of the advising initiatives), but ultimately the Provost and the Chancellor will be closely monitoring the progress of these initiatives.