Office of the Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor

Strategic Plan

UMKC’s Strategic Plan is a design for the future of Kansas City’s University.

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Welcome to the website for the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s strategic plan. We are Kansas City's university, founded by the community, sustained by the community, and dedicated to the community. Our vision is to become a model urban research university characterized by signature graduate and professional programs, a dynamic undergraduate population, a highly diverse faculty, staff and student body, and active engagement with its city and region. Our mission is to lead in life and health sciences; to deepen and expand strength in the visual and performing arts; to develop a professional workforce and collaborate in urban issues and education; and to create a vibrant learning and campus life experience.

Our plan to create this future is represented here in two complementary documents. The first document, "Strategic Plan 2010-2020: A design for the future of Kansas City's University," was published in 2009 and outlines the Vision and Mission statements and six strategic goals for the university. It was the work of a steering committee of over 30 representatives from the faculty, staff, student body, and external constituents. It was vetted through meetings including over 150 members of our campus.

The second document, known as the “UMKC/UM Strategic Plan 2013-2018,” builds on the more comprehensive plan by identifying our top priorities for the next five years, those on which our success most depends. It was developed in response to a system-wide strategic planning process that University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe launched in 2010.

In order to implement the strategic plan, we established a Strategic Plan Coordinating Committee to oversee the implementation process. Under that umbrella, a group of more than 20 different task forces, committees and subcommittees have been meeting to monitor, revisit, revise, and renew a variety of specific implementation plans for various goals. The strategic plan is best understood as a living document that reflects the input of these groups, that will undergo regular review, and when necessary, revision.

We invite you to review the Strategic Plan Website to see a comprehensive outline of initiatives in all of our mission areas as well as an annual update of the progress we have made towards implementing these goals.