Office of the Provost – Academic Affairs

Diversity/Campus Climate sub-committee

The University of Missouri-Kansas City, as the cultural hub of Kansas City, will provide a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment to create culturally competent citizens. UMKC will provide an environment where all students, faculty and staff feel safe to pursue their personal, academic and professional goals; focus on recruitment and retention of a diverse campus community; provide a more diverse learning and life experience to create culturally competent citizens; and ensure diversity initiatives are continually being reviewed, improved upon and owned by the University and the community.


Sub-committee report

Diversity/Campus Climate Report



Name Representation Title

Kristen Abell

Women's Center

Assistant Director

David Greene

Student Life

Assistant Director

Ronda Jenson

Institution for Human Development

Director of Research

Brooke Patterson

School of Pharmacy

Clinical Assistant Professor

Lynda Payne

School of Medicine

Sirridge Chair

Tom Poe, Chair

Communication Studies

Associate Professor

Paul Rodriques

UMKC Trustee


Nancy Stancel

Faculty Senate Rep

Librarian IV - Law

Lisa Stout

Institution for Human Development

Learning Research Specialist

Mikah Thompson

School of Law

Associate Professor

Omiunotu Ukpokodu

School of Education

Associate Professor

Jim Wanser

Career Services


Susan Wilson

School of Medicine

Associate Dean, Minority Affairs

Larry Bunce, Ex-Officio

Institutional Research

Director of Institutional Research Assessment and Planning