Office of the Provost – Academic Affairs

Economic Development sub-committee

The committee identified three focus areas in regional economic development. In each area, the committee recommends actively identifying key challenges, seeking solutions, and developing specific performance measurements for outcomes. This means establishing an integrated framework that supports economic development, including expanding alliances with businesses, partnerships with federal and state agencies, and encouraging community-wide participation; building workforce development programs to address current community needs and educate for future demands and requirements; and increasing technology transfer of intellectual property, implementing a University-wide approach to commercialization, and effectively utilizing physical assets and human resources to the benefit of enhanced economic development and outcomes.


Sub-committee report

Economic Development report


Name Representation Title

Mark Allen

Bloch School of Business

Business Specialist

Rick Anderson


Interim Vice Chancellor - Administration

Christine Angolia


Librarian II, Gov. Docs.

Tyler Antrup

UMKC Student

William Black

Arts and Sciences

Associate Prof Economics and Law

Walt Clements

Bloch School of Business

Director, L. White Real Estate Center

Curt Crespino


Interim Vice Chancellor - Advancement

Denise Fields

Bloch School of Business

Business Specialist

Jack Fincham


Professor, Pharmacy Practice

Mathew Forstater

Arts and Sciences

Associate Prof, Economics

Michael Frischv

Arts and Sciences

Architecture, Urban Planning and Design

Wandra Green

Public Communications

Associate Director

Maria Meyers, Chair

Bloch School of Business

Director, KCSourceLink

William T. Morgan

Provost Office

Interim Vice Provost - Research

Tony Reames

Sr. Army ROTC - Arts and Sciences

Military Science

Lanny Solomon

Bloch School of Business

Associate Dean

John Verssue

Public Communications

Manager, Marketing and Media

Don Wagner

TGP Investments

UMKC Trustee