Office of the Provost – Academic Affairs

Science and Technology sub-committee

In order to stimulate Innovation through Engineering, Science and Technology, UMKC will vigorously invest to fill the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Pipeline; leverage key areas of strength; invest in human capital; build the Science and Technology infrastructure necessary to stimulate creativity and foster innovation; enhance interdisciplinary collaborations and strong community partnerships; embrace Technology Transfer and Economic Development as mission critical; and approach Workforce Development as a strategic opportunity.


Sub-committee Report

Science and Technology Report



Name Representation Title

Walt Rychlewski, Chair

Bloch School of Business/School of Computing and Engineering

Visiting Professor

Cory Beard

School of Computing and Engineering/Faculty Senate

Associate Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Sandy Beaty

Public Communications

Project Administrator/Writer

Newton Campbell

Bloch School of Business/Trustees

UMKC Trustee

Steve Dilks

Arts and Sciences

Associate Professor, English Language & Literature

Jacob Marszalek

School of Education

Assistant Professor, Counseling & Education Psychology

Molly Mead

School of Education


Bill Morgan

Academic Affairs

Interim Vice Provost - Research

John Spertus

School of Medicine

Professor Internal Medicine

Kevin Truman

School of Computing and Engineering


Jane Vogl

School of Computing and Engineering

Assistant to the Dean

Donna Russel

School of Education

Assistant Professor

Paul Clay