Office of the

Culture of Care

At UMKC, we treat students as our family. Faculty, staff, and administrators believe each student has unique value and is worthy of our time, attention and respect. We are committed to balancing high expectations of our students with programs and services that support and facilitate their growth, development and academic achievement. We believe in giving students lifelong tools to help themselves.
  1. We meet each student exactly where they are. 
  2. We assess but don’t assume or judge.
  3. We treat students as our family.
  4. We engage each student with learning experiences and co-curricular supports to meet their unique needs.
  5. We provide each student with constant and consistent guidance and feedback.
  6. We help each student take responsibility for their personal progress, their education, their decisions, and their futures.
  7. We encourage each student to fully integrate their individual growth with the common good.
  8. We are proud to contribute to a student-centered urban university, serving our mission of learning, discovery, research, and service, inspired by our commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and respectful interaction.
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