Whether you're a student, employee or community member, UMKC Campus Recreation has a membership for you. Explore our options below to find your best fit!

UMKC Campus Recreation at the Swinney Center includes a swimming pool, cardio and weight rooms, multipurpose studios, indoor track, racquetball courts, and locker rooms. The Swinney Center provides members with locks and towel service. Members also have access to Hospital Hill Annex, our 24-hour access gym. Learn more about our facilities and discover what programs and services we offer.

There is no free parking at UMKC, day or night. Please visit Parking and Transportation to learn more about parking on campus and download the campus map to view spaces.

Methods of payment for any membership fees include cash, check, or credit card (in office) and online through TouchNet.

Pay with TouchNet

Membership Options

This membership is available for UMKC students currently enrolled in classes who pay the university fee
  • FREE – included in student fees
  • Students can verify their fee has been paid in Pathway
  • Students may add a household member for an additional $15 per month. Household member must be 18 years or older and must provide proof of residence (e.g. marriage certificate, household bill or driver's license with matching address)

This membership option is available to UMKC students who are taking non-fee bearing credits.
  • Current fee is $33.82 per semester 

This membership option is for UMKC payroll-compensated faculty and staff (75 percent FTE and above) and University Extension personnel
  • $90 for three months, $150 for six months, or $240 for annual membership
  • One-month memberships are $50
  • Payroll deduction is available for benefit-eligible employees with annual memberships only
  • Faculty and staff may add a household member for an additional $15 per month. Household member must be 18 years or older and must provide proof of residence (e.g. marriage certificate, household bill or driver's license with matching address)

Campus Recreation is open to alumni, constituents, lecturers and continuing education faculty.
  • $120 for three months, $225 for six months or $420 for annual membership
  • One-month memberships are $50
  • There is no free parking on campus day or night. We do sell parking passes to community members for an additional fee and must be picked up in office during membership hours.
  • Members may add a household member for an additional $15 per month. Household member must be 18 years or older and must provide proof of residence (e.g. marriage certificate, household bill or driver's license with matching address)

Corporate partnerships are available for staff or members of one of our partner organizations. 

  • $30 per month
  • Current list of partners include:
    • Children’s Mercy
    • DST
    • KCMO Health Department
    • KC Public Safety
    • KC Rep
    • Kauffman Foundation
    • KCAI Faculty/Staff
    • MRI Global
    • Rockhurst Faculty/Staff
    • Saint Luke’s Medical
    • Stowers Institute
    • Truman Medical Center
    • UMKC Foundation
  • Corporate partners may add a household member for an additional $15 per month. Household member must be 18 years or older and must provide proof of residence (e.g. marriage certificate, household bill or driver's license with matching address)

  • Daily Guest Pass with a member: $7 per day
  • Daily Guest Pass without a member: $10 per day
  • Payment is accepted at the Welcome Desk in Swinney Recreation Center

About Your Membership

UMKC and Campus Recreation are pleased to have you become part of the university family and a member of this wellness facility. Remember that this is your center, so enjoy it as often as possible. Seasonal and holiday changes in facility operating hours will occur occasionally. Signage will be posted notifying members of these changes in advance. Occasionally, the Swinney Center will be closed or partially closed for selected university-sponsored activities such as commencement, intercollegiate athletics events, campus recreation uses or maintenance.

Physical education classes, intercollegiate athletics, intramural and campus recreation activities are held in Swinney Center at various times throughout the day. Space availability is always subject to change. Campus Rec will always update their website and social media with building operation changes and closings.

Please consult your physician regarding your ability and preparedness to participate in the various activities offered. The University assumes that users of the center have verified their health/fitness with their personal physicians and that they assume their own risk in participating.

Cancellation of an individual or spouse membership will be allowed only under special circumstances. There will be no cancellation privileges with student memberships. Refunds for memberships will only be granted for one of the following reasons:

  • Employment from UMKC is terminated. Verification will be made with Human Resources.       
  • Medical emergencies that inhibit members from utilizing Swinney Center. Written documentation is required from a physician.

It is the responsibility of members to ensure that they are getting the best membership option. Campus Rec administrative staff may make suggestions but is not responsible for overpayment. 

Rules and Regulations

  • People using the facilities must wear gym shoes and appropriate activity attire. Soft-soled athletic shoes allowed in the Fitness Center only.
  • Smoking or other use of tobacco products is not permitted.
  • To help keep the center clean, and for your safety, glass containers, food and beverages are not allowed beyond the Welcome Center. A vending machine is available in the entrance lobby.
  • Bicycle racks are provided outside the center; no bicycles are allowed in the building.
  • UMKC will not be responsible for items that are lost or stolen.
  • Lost and found items can be claimed or turned in at the Service Center.
  • Postings on the bulletin boards in the center must be approved by the Office of Student Involvement, Student Union 320.
  • No spitting, except in proper receptacles.
  • No pets are allowed in Swinney Center or inside Stanley H. Durwood Soccer Stadium & Recreational Field or outdoor track.
  • You can listen to your own music if you use headphones.
  • Please report suspicious individuals loitering or wandering through the Swinney Center to the Welcome Center.

  • Individuals contracting for membership in the Swinney Center assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the University's function as an educational institution. Please review the UM System Standard of Conduct (200.101).
  • Conduct that may jeopardize an individual's membership in Swinney Center:
  • Forgery, alteration, or misuse of membership records or identification, or knowingly furnishing false information to Swinney Center.
  • Obstruction or disruption of teaching, University administration, or other university activities, including its public service functions or other authorized activities at Swinney Center.
  • Physical abuse that threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person.
  • Theft of or damage to property of the University or activity that endangers the health or safety of any person.
  • Unauthorized entry to or use of the Swinney Center.
  • Use, possession or distribution of narcotics or dangerous drugs, except as expressly permitted by law.
  • Disorderly, lewd, indecent, obscene or other inappropriate conduct or expression.
  • Failure to comply with directions of University officials acting in the performance of their duties.

If you observe any behavior outside of these guidelines please inform a Campus Recreation student or professional staff member. 

Campus Recreation reserves the right to revoke or terminate the membership if the member fails to abide by Swinney Center rules or act in accordance with the University Standard of Conduct. Removal of membership is at the discretion of the Director of Campus Recreation. Appeals will be reviewed by the Campus Recreation Advisory Board.

  • Members may bring up to two guests a day. A daily guest pass must be purchased for each guest at the Control Center. Guests must be 18 years of age or older, be with a sponsor who can show a valid membership card and show valid photo identification.
  • Check activity area availability before purchasing a guest pass.
  • Sponsors must stay with their guests at all times, except when guests of a different gender are using locker room facilities.
  • Guest passes are issued for one day only. If your guest(s) want to leave the center for the part of the day they will be able to regain admission to the center. If guests lose their passes, new ones may be obtained upon verification of payment and showing of proper identification.
  • Individuals are responsible for the conduct of their guests.
  • Only sponsors can check out equipment to be used by guests.
  • Please meet your guests before checking into the center. Members will not be paged to meet their guests, nor will guests be able to enter activity areas to look for their sponsors.
  • Daily guest passes are not transferable.
  • Do not bring in individuals who are loitering outside the Swinney Center as your guests.