Club Sports

Club Sports is a leadership development program that provides UMKC students with the opportunity to compete and socialize in a variety of team and individual sports and activities.

Club Sports at UMKC Campus Rec

UMKC Campus Rec has a variety of club sports to get involved in. From dancing and golf to fishing and water polo you're sure to find a club that fits you and your interests! Our current club sports include:

You can join any and all of our Campus Rec clubs through RooGroups, where you can find all of these clubs and more!

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“Volleyball Unites the World is a platform that brings friends together to promote fitness and share the fun with volleyball. We started as a small group but growing bigger with the overwhelming response from the Roos. As a group leader, it’s amazing to watch the supportiveness of players towards each other to hone their volleyball skills from none to extraordinary.” - Sai Siva Kumar, Club President