Facility Reservation Form

Please follow the directions and read all accompanying information to submit the Facility Reservation Form.

To learn more about the spaces available and our rates, please review our Reservations and Rentals page.

Please review additional instructions following the form on this page to be sure you can reserve the space you need and avoid incurring additional charges.

Important Rental Information

Complete and submit the Facility Request Form (FRF) at least 30 days in advance of your event.

Event organizers/designees must be present throughout the event.

Please list total attendance (anticipated) of UMKC and non-UMKC students.

Organizations will be charged an hourly fee for additional staffing of Campus Recreation employee(s) provided during the event (if over 25 participants/spectators). Events outside of normal Swinney Recreation Center operating hours or holidays will be subject to additional fees. Fee may be waived if Campus Recreation/Intramurals is a title sponsor of events and/or a rental/set-up fee is charged.

Depending upon scope and magnitude of event, certificate of insurance with minimum financial coverage as well as contractual agreement may be required. Contract must be received 10 days in advance of event.

Organizations agree to pay Campus Recreation for rental of requested facilities, equipment and services. This sum is based upon the facilities, equipment and services requested by the organization. Upon execution and delivery of agreement, a deposit of 25% of the anticipated total rental to confirm the reservation is required. Contract is not complete until signed contract and deposit are received. An invoice for deposit will be issued separately. The organization will be invoiced for balance due within sixty (60) days after completion of rental. Any changes in the contractual agreement must be made in writing.

Organizations will also be charged for any UMKC professional staffing needs, including, but not limited to, campus police, custodial, grounds and electrical, etc.

Organizations may be subject to a set-up fee (carpeting, bleachers, chairs, tables, etc.).

Organizations must supply their own equipment unless prior arrangements have been made. Any usage of Campus Recreation equipment (including, but not limited to, carts, cords, scoreboards, power strips, etc.) must be pre-approved and will be subject to additional fees.

Organizations will be charged for any damage incurred by the facility/equipment during the event.

Complete schedule of events and activities must be submitted no later than 48 hours before event begins.

Campus Recreation facilities prohibit the presence of tobacco products, alcohol and firearms inside the facilities.

No food/drink beyond Control Center or North Lobby of Swinney Recreation Center. Violations of rule may result in additional custodial charges.

Campus Recreation reserves the right of first refusal to operate concession stand. If Campus Recreation waives this right, organization will be subject to daily custodial fee and additional rental fee of concessions area.

Campus Recreation is primarily a recreation center. Any special electrical/power needs beyond 100 amps must be cleared with Campus Facilities Management (CFM). All surfaces within Swinney Recreation Center are subject to a maximum weight limit. Preventive measures must be taken to eliminate the potential of damage to the facility. This includes, but is not limited to: staging, lights, speakers, crowd control implements, etc. Additionally, any suspension of materials and/or equipment from the railings, ceilings, etc. must be cleared by CFM. Any and all special requirements will be subject to additional fees.

Facility requests will be approved based upon space/staffing availability. Upon approval, organization will be subject to event organizational meeting(s).