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Fall 2016 Class Schedule

School of Computing & Engineer

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Computer Sci Electrical Engr

Course Title of Course Credit Ref. No. Section Day Hour Bldg. Room Instructor Consent Required Seats Remaining Status
5110 Network Architecture I 3.0 45891 LEC 0001 TR 10:00A - 11:15A RH 00111 Mamun,Md Mainul Isla Yes -4 CLOSED
Regular Academic
5110 Network Architecture I 3.0 45892 LEC 0002 MW 5:30P - 6:45P CH 00104 Mitchell,Kenneth No 16 OPEN
Regular Academic
5690 Advanced Special Topics 3.0 46683 LEC 0001 MW 7:00P - 8:15P HH 00315 Medhi,Deepankar No -2 CLOSED
Course Description: - What is Network Analytics? - Review of Statistics and Statistical Methods - Machine Learning: Overview - Network Protocols: Revisit, and what can be measured, error in measurements - Scripting Tools review - Reading of Selected Papers on Network Analytics Prerequisites: Good background in basic statistics. Preferably, two courses in networking such as CSEE 5110, CSEE 5111, CSEE 5113, ECE 5577, ECE 477, or topics courses such as cloud computing. Students are expected to have a reasonable programming background (no restriction on language). Regular Academic
Topics: Network Analytics
5697 Directed Readings 1.0-3.0 47244 LEC 0001 ARR ARR ARR Medhi,Deepankar Yes 9 OPEN
Regular Academic
5699 Research and Dissertatio 1.0-12.0 47262 LEC 0001 ARR ARR ARR Medhi,Deepankar Yes 8 OPEN
Regular Academic