Class Schedules

Fall 2017 Class Schedule

Vice Chan for Acad Affairs

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  • Note these abbreviations for the days of the week: M-Monday, T-Tuesday, W-Wednesday, R-Thursday, F-Friday, S-Saturday, U-Sunday
  • Building names are abbreviated and can be determined by looking at the Campus Map.
  • Sections that have not been assigned an instructor are listed with "staff."
  • Classes that have not been assigned a classroom are listed with "TBA."
  • Classes that do not have a standard meeting pattern are listed with "ARR."

General Enrollment

Course Title of Course Credit Ref. No. Section Day Hour Bldg. Room Instructor Consent Required Seats Remaining Status
96 Gen-Enrl MSSU/Dent Hyg 0 44096 IND 0001 ARR ARR ARR No 10 OPEN
Regular Academic