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Spring 2015 Class Schedule

College of Arts & Sciences

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  • Note these abbreviations for the days of the week: M-Monday, T-Tuesday, W-Wednesday, R-Thursday, F-Friday, S-Saturday, U-Sunday
  • Building names are abbreviated and can be determined by looking at the Campus Map.
  • Sections that have not been assigned an instructor are listed with "staff."
  • Classes that have not been assigned a classroom are listed with "TBA."
  • Classes that do not have a standard meeting pattern are listed with "ARR."

Architectural Studies

Course Title of Course Credit Ref. No. Section Day Hour Bldg. Room Instructor Consent Required Seats Remaining Status
202 Envd Studio II 4.0 12389 LEC 0001 MWF 09:00A - 11:50A KH 00107 Swallow,Joy D Yes 2 OPEN
Regular Academic
202 Envd Studio II 4.0 14471 LEC 0002 MWF 09:00A - 11:50A KH 00206 Riden,Rebecca Yes 5 OPEN
Regular Academic
251 Hist Designed Envrnmnt I 3.0 12390 LEC 0001 TR 11:30A - 12:45P F A 00106 Ziskin,Rochelle No 20 OPEN
Regular Academic
302 Arch Design Studio II 5.0 12391 LEC 0001 MWF 1:30P - 5:20P KH 00107 Eck III,John Joseph Yes 12 OPEN
Regular Academic
347 Struc Systems In Arch I 4.0 15518 LEC 0001 TR 5:30P - 8:15P KH 00207 Hose,Geoffrey Yes 11 OPEN
Regular Academic