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Spring 2016 Class Schedule

University College

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  • Note these abbreviations for the days of the week: M-Monday, T-Tuesday, W-Wednesday, R-Thursday, F-Friday, S-Saturday, U-Sunday
  • Building names are abbreviated and can be determined by looking at the Campus Map.
  • Sections that have not been assigned an instructor are listed with "staff."
  • Classes that have not been assigned a classroom are listed with "TBA."
  • Classes that do not have a standard meeting pattern are listed with "ARR."

University College

Course Title of Coursev Credit Ref. No. Section Day Hour Bldg. Room Instructor Consent Required Seats Remaining Status
102 Career and Major Plannin 2.0 15307 LEC 0001 W 12:00P - 1:50P RH 00403 Carr,Andrea Lynn No 3 OPEN
Regular Academic
102 Career and Major Plannin 2.0 15308 LEC 0002 W 2:00P - 3:50P RH 00402 Carr,Andrea Lynn No 4 OPEN
Regular Academic
202 Next Steps in Career & M 1.0 15400 LEC 0001 ARR ARR ARR Carr,Andrea Lynn No 17 OPEN
Description: In UNIV 202, a student will actively engage in an educational and career-planning process to further explore personal decision making, personal characteristics and strengths as they apply to educational and career goals, and opportunities to volunteer, job shadow, or gain insights from academic and career communities of interest. Goal setting, readings, reflections, action planning and activities will all be involved to facilitate the selection of an appropriate plan of study. Regular Academic