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Spring 2016 Class Schedule

School of Education

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Educ-Research & Psychology

Course Title of Course Credit Ref. No. Section Day Hour Bldg. Room Instructor Consent Required Seats Remaining Status
5502 Advanced Educ Psychology 3.0 13396 LEC 0001 ARR ARR INTERNET Lavelle,Ellen No 7 OPEN
Regular Academic
5505 Statistical Methods I 3.0 13416 LEC 0001 R 4:30P - 7:15P EDUC 00118 Marszalek,Jacob M No 12 OPEN
Regular Academic
5508 Principles/Meth Research 3.0 15137 LEC 0003 T 4:30P - 7:15P EDUC 00243 Marszalek,Jacob M No 3 OPEN
Regular Academic
5512 Adlscnt Devlpmnt& School 3.0 13348 LEC 0001 ARR ARR INTERNET Stites,Marcy S No 1 OPEN
Class is taught via the Internet. Go to and log-in with your SSO for complete class information. For help using this resource, contact the Call Center at 816-235-2000.Regular Academic
5513 Life Span Human Devlpmnt 3.0 13349 LEC 0001 M 7:25P - 10:10P EDUC 00118 Jorgenson,Katherine No 1 OPEN
Regular Academic
5590 Individual Studies 1.0-6.0 16278 LEC 0001 ARR ARR ARR Manguvo,Angellar No 30 OPEN
Regular Academic
5606 Quant Anal II:Mul Data A 3.0 13351 LEC 0001 M 4:00P - 5:15P CSH 117 Murdock,Tamera Burto No 2 OPEN
Cross-listed with Psych 5517. Lab portion of course will be held in Cherry Hall 117 on an arranged basis. Regular Academic
5608 Intro To Grad Research 3.0 13352 LEC 0001 R 1:00P - 3:45P EDUC 00211 Watson,Laurel B No 3 OPEN
Class is for doctoral students in Counseling Psychology only Regular Academic
5613 Hierarchical Linear Mode 3.0 16543 LEC 0001 T 1:00P - 3:45P EDUC 00034 Marszalek,Jacob M No 2 OPEN
Regular Academic
5616 Qual Data Col Anl Ed Se2 3.0 13397 LEC 0001 R 4:30P - 7:15P EDUC 00244 Caruthers,Loyce E Yes 13 OPEN
Students will gain experience in qualitative data collection and analysis. Prerequisite: EDUC-R&P 5615 Regular Academic
5640 App&Conf In Coll Traingn 1.0-3.0 13417 LEC 0001 ARR ARR ARR Barber,Carolyn Eliza No 27 OPEN
Regular Academic