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Summer 2015 Class Schedule

College of Arts & Sciences

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Natural Science, General

Course Title of Course Credit Ref. No. Section Day Hour Bldg. Room Instructor Consent Required Seats Remaining Status
130 Physics of Sports 3.0 32871 LEC 0001 ARR ARR INTERNET Riggs,Robert Christe No 196 OPEN
Regular Academic
140 How Things Work 3.0 32945 LEC 0001 ARR ARR INTERNET Stoddard,Elizabeth R No 496 OPEN
Class is taught via the Internet. Go to and log-in with your SSO for complete class information. For help using this resource, contact the Call Center at 816-235-2000.Regular Academic
375P Nature Of Science 4.0 33853 LEC 0002 R 6:00P - 9:00P FH 00302 Durig,James R No 25 OPEN
Note: Web Assisted Course Web Address: Five Week - Second