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Procedures and documentation for changing an existing course or adding a new course or subject can be found on the Office of the Provost website here.

Guidelines for Third Party Site Agreements, Software and Best Practices

Faculty who require students to register at third-party sites, especially if grades are stored on the third-party server are only allowed for students to register and utilize these services if they are an approved vendor listed below. If a publisher has not signed a FERPA-compliance agreement with UMKC any instructor who requires a student to sign up for a non-approved site is placing the students and the institution at risk for a possible FEPRPA violation. The following third party vendors have appropriate security clearance and agreements with UMKC.

  • Cengage
  • MasteringBiology -- Pearson/Benjamin Cummings
  • McGraw-Hill Education
  • Pearson

The following is a list of approved third party software vendors that have been approved and cleared by UMKC’s security administrator. The approved software vendors are used to provide online solutions for the various offices and or schools listed below.

  • AdAstra – Registration & Records
  • ActiveNetwork -- eCommerce and event registration
  • Akcia – School of Medicine and School of Nursing
  • BlackBoard – UM System
  • DecisionDesk -- Conservatory of Music and Dance
  • Foliotek -- Academic Affairs
  • GradeFirst – Student Athletics
  • iModules -- Alumni Affairs
  • Intelliworks -- School of Education
  • LiveText – School of Education
  • Moodle -- Run by UMKC but hosted at MoreNet
  • MyLabsPlus -- Provost's Office
  • NaceLink (RooCareer Network) – Career Services
  • Point & Click – Student Health Center
  • Starfish -- Provost's Office
  • TerraDotta -- Study Abroad
  • TutorTrac -- Center for Academic Development
  • TurnIt IN -- Provost’s Office
  • RecTrack – Swinney Recreation Center
  • WeaveOnline -- Provost's Office

Any Academic Units or campus support office wanting to purchase and use third party software must be approved by the Chief Information Officer and meet all security requirements required by UMKC. For additional information contact Doug Swink, Registrar or Andy Goodenow, Associate CIO.

Visiting Student Career Changes Policy

The Office of Admissions, in coordination with UMKC Central, processes all non-degree applications which are commonly referred to as visiting students.  Visiting students apply to take classes as undergraduate or graduate students. The level of the students (undergraduate or graduate) determines the fees associated with the class and the type of credit that will be awarded.


Visiting student will have until the University Census date of each semester to make a request to change their enrollment degree level status.  Changes requested after the University Census date will not be approved.  Students who request a degree level change after the start of the term and prior to the University Census date will be charged a $50 late registration fee.


UMKC Student Preferred Name Policy

UMKC acknowledges that many students use names other than their legal name to identify themselves.  Student can update their preferred name in Pathway 

Adding a preferred name does not change a student’s official name as a part of their educational record.  Your official name is your legal name. Your official name is used for financial aid, transcripts, international student I-20’s and other documents required by the university. 

Preferred names will be displayed in the Pathway student center, Pathway class roster, and Pathway grade roster.  Additionally, a preferred name may be displayed in other university maintained software applications such as Blackboard or Moodle.

Students who choose to take advantage of this preferred name policy are subject to the University Collected Rules and Regulations as well as the University of Missouri Kansas City Acceptable Use Policy for technology.

• Policies on official name changes can be found here.
• Information about changing a legal name in Missouri can be found here.

• Information about changing your preferred name in Pathway can be found here.

University-Wide Service Indicators

In some situations, it is important that records or holds preventing certain actions be maintained in student records across the four campuses in the University of Missouri System.  For instance, if a student is sanctioned with University Dismissal, University Suspension, University Expulsion or other sanctions/agreements that extend beyond a given campus, a mechanism to enforce such agreements or sanctions is needed.  More information can be found here.

A university/system-wide service indicator or hold may be placed within the student information system (e.g. PeopleSoft) that will enforce the policy.  These are placed and removed by authorized individuals on each campus and will automatically be added or removed from impacting students on all campuses.



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