Registering for Classes

What does it mean to "register" for classes? That's just a fancy word for enrolling. At UMKC, we use registration, enrollment and adding classes interchangeably.

Want to know more about becoming a student at UMKC? Check out our Registration Quick Guide to see all the steps to becoming a Roo!

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When you register for a class, you are obligated to pay for that class unless you take action to drop it during the 100% refund period. For more information about fees, see the Cashiers Office Statement of Financial Responsibility.

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Important Registration Information

  1. Consult an Academic Adviser, the Catalog, or  Plan My Degree to help you determine which courses are required for your selected major.
  2. Select the specific sections of courses (these are called classes) you wish to enroll in for the upcoming semester:
    1. Log on to Pathway
    2. Select the Manage Classes tile
    3. Select Class Search
    4. Select the term from the drop-down menu
    5. Search for the course you want to take to see if and when it is offered (see Schedule of Classes for more information if you need assistance)
    6. Each section as a 5-digit "class number" that you use to register for the class. It is displayed with the "Section" on the schedule of classes.
      Example: Section: 0001-LEC(10007). The 5-digit number in parenthesis (10007) is the "class number" that you use to register for that section of the course.

There are specific start and end dates for registration. Currently enrolled students receive a "priority registration start date" when they can first begin registering for upcoming semesters. Students will be e-mailed their registration appointment time or they may look up their registration appointment time on Pathway two to three weeks before registration begins. Student should seek academic advising prior to their registration appointment time.

All other students must wait for "open registration." For specific dates, see the Academic CalendarRegistration Quick Guide, or Registration and Drop date schedule.

Note: Beginning Spring 2020, a fee of $250 will be charged to students who register on the first day of classes or later. See the Cashiers Tuition and Fees website for more fee information.

Instructions for reviewing your specific appointment date and time

  1. Log on to Pathway
  2. Select the Manage Classes tile
  3. Select the Enrollment dropdown
  4. Select Enrollment Dates
  5. Select the term
  6. Your registration appointment is a start date and time. You may continue to add or drop classes at any time after your registration date/time until the first week of class.
  7. New students may begin registering on the Open Enrollment date, usually 3 - 4 weeks after priority registration begins.
  8. Students may continue to add classes through the first week of class; however, a fee of $250 will be charged to students who register on the first day of classes or later.

Please read carefully as the policy has recently changed and the information below is new as of Fall 2019.

Each time you add a new course, you will be charged for the full cost of the course. If you drop a class, the amount that will be reassessed for that course will align with the point in the session when you dropped the course.

Last day for 100% reassessment - the last day to add a course without an instructor signature

Last day for 50% reassessment - the last day to drop a course with no record

Last day for 25% reassessment - up to and including 50% of the class length elapsed

Please see our registration and drop dates schedule for exact dates for the upcoming terms

Find more information about UM System resources and policies regarding financial planning and the reassessment policy.

Are you a current undergraduate degree seeking student interested in taking a class at another UM campus? Cross campus enrollment will allow you to take a class(es) at another UM Campus.

Simply log into Pathway, click the “Manage Classes” tile, click “Enrollment”, then click “Cross Campus Enrollment."  Use the links provided to search the other campus Schedule of Classes to determine what courses are available. You will want to check for online instruction mode unless you are willing to travel to the campus.

To participate, select the campus you would like to visit (MU, UMSL, or S&T), the term you intend to take the class in, read and check the acknowledgement and submit. You will receive an email from the campus you are visiting with instructions related to your next steps. If you are a student at another UM school, please visit myZou, MyView, or Joe'SS and follow the instructions above.

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