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Course equivalency information for Pathway users

Pathway provides transfer equivalency information between the University of Missouri-Kansas City and selected institutions.
  1. Log on to Pathway
  2. Click on Records and Enrollment
  3. Click on Transfer Credit Evaluation
  4. Click on Evaluate Transfer Credit

Course Equivalency Information for non-Pathway users

There are two options for you to choose from:

Option 1:
Transfer students viewing how coursework will be accepted at UMKC.

UMKC transfer course equivalency policy, click here

A transfer course evaluated as a direct equivalent to a UMKC course will be equated to that course number and may be applied to any program in which the UMKC course is accepted, subject to the same grade requirements.

Courses assigned a departmental abbreviation and level, but not equated to a specific course (for example HIST-2AB) are accepted as coursework in that department, but do not have an exact equivalent at UMKC. An advisor will determine how these courses will apply to requirements for a degree program.

Courses evaluated as non-equivalent (N-EQ-subject) are considered college level work for purposes of determining level (freshman, sophomore, etc), but will probably not be applicable to any degree program at UMKC, except with special approval. Courses evaluated as "not acceptable" for transfer will appear in the list with no equivalency. These courses will not be counted as hours of college credit, nor applied to any degree program.

The course equivalency tables contain information on how courses from other institutions have typically been accepted and applied to degree programs at UMKC. The information presented here does not represent a contractual agreement between UMKC and any other college or university, nor does it imply a contract between UMKC and any student. Courses equivalencies are constantly being reviewed and updated. All transfer courses are subject to the approval of an academic advisor.

To select the institution from where you are transferring, click here

Click this link to select your institution and determine your transfer credit.

Option 2:
Current UMKC students looking to transfer in a specific course.

To select the courses that you are looking to transfer from another institution, click here

Click this link to select your courses and determine what courses you can take at another school that will earn the credit you need here at UMKC.


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