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Dropping your last class for a term

Degree seeking students are not allowed to drop down to zero hours via Pathway. If you wish to drop all of your classes for a specific term, you must complete the Term Withdrawal Survey, even if you plan to re-enroll in a future term.

  1. Click on the Term withdrawal survey to be taken to the survey website.
  2. Log-in with your username and password
  3. Complete the survey
  4. Your completed survey will be sent to the UMKC Central office via e-mail.
    • UMKC Central or your academic advisor may contact you to discuss your survey responses in more detail.
    • For the purposes of meeting deadlines for withdrawal or refunds, your classes will be dropped as of the date you completed the survey.
    • Your survey may take up to 5 business days to process.
    • If you submit the survey after the deadline for withdrawals for the term, your withdrawal will not be processed.  You must petition to your academic unit for permission to withdrawal after the deadline.  To find deadline for withdrawals, consult the Academic Calendar.
  5. Your completed survey will be sent to the Financial Aid and Scholarships office to determine if any of the federal financial aid you received for the term will need to be immediately repaid.
  6. If you are an international student, your survey will be sent to the International Student Affairs Office to ensure you are in compliance with all federal immigration laws.
  7. You will receive a copy of the completed survey in your UMKC e-mail for your records. SAVE THIS E-MAIL in case there are any problems.
  8. To determine if you will be eligible for a refund, consult the Add/Drop deadlines for the term.



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