The Department of Residential Life appreciates the individuality of each student as an integral part of the UMKC experience. We are committed to providing equal access and opportunity to all students no matter their individual situation. Through collaboration and support of the entire campus community, Residential Life works to provide individual solutions that help all students succeed at UMKC. Residential Life is here to help you no matter your personal need. We have a long history of creating and providing solutions that help every student succeed at UMKC.

Students with Disabilities

In conjunction with Services for Students with Disabilities, UMKC Residential Life seeks to support all students who require accommodations for a disability. In order to best serve all of our students, UMKC Residential Life requires that students that desire an accommodation through our office file their request with Services for Students with Disabilities. Our two offices work closely with one another to make accommodations on a space-available basis.

Residential Life at UMKC has a limited number of fully accessible spaces. We will work with students to make accommodations available in a timely manner after a request is approved throught Services for Students with Disabilities. However, in an effort to serve all students at UMKC, a specific request for accommodation must be initiated no later than July 15. After that time, Residential Life will release the accessible rooms for other student contracts. We will continue to work with all students requesting accommodations through the office of Services for Students with Disabilities to meet their needs as quickly as possible.

LGBTQIA+ Students

LGBTQIA+ is an acronym that encompasses gay, genderqueer, gender fluid, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, intersex, ally and asexual. UMKC provides housing options to all students, regardless of sexual orientation, sexual identity or gender, and Residential Life works with the LGBTQIA+ Programs in the Office of Student Involvement to ensure that we are providing our students with the support they need to be successful.

Our students may want to consider rooming with someone who is not their partner, especially during your first year at school. Many students have never shared a space with another person. Choosing your partner as your first roommate tends to put unnecessary stress on your relationship. Additionally, a break up could lead to an awkward living situation (UMKC tends to have limited spaces available to accommodate room moves).

Transgender students have several options when it comes to housing at UMKC. We do our best to accommodate the needs and requests of all of our students. If you are a transgender student looking for on-campus housing, you may indicate this on the online contract or select the gender with which you identify. You may also call our office to talk to someone if you do not feel comfortable selecting one of the gender options on the contract. We have a number of single rooms available early in our contracting process. Four person suites may be available if you prefer a group living option.

Married and Family Housing

The Department of Residential Life does not have married student housing or housing for students with children. However, married student housing and housing for students with children is available through the UMKC Homes, managed by Voepel Properties. Contact them at 816-405-4845.