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The Writing Studio

Atterbury Student Success Center and Miller Nichols Library

The Writing Studio offers free tutoring and workshops to help you with a RooWriter essay and otherwise improve your writing.


UMKC Writing Improvement Courses

  • English 351: Research Writing (1 hour, Blended):
  • In this studio-style course, students will develop their research writing skills by working through the process of composing a research essay and utilizing campus resources, such as research librarians, RooWriter resources, Blackboard collaboration tools, and Writing Studio consultants. This course can be paired with another course or project that requires a substantial amount of writing (e.g., a Writing Intensive course, Discourse 300, a SEARCH proposal or grant, a senior honors thesis, undergraduate capstone project); however, students also can take it as a stand-alone class if they desire a structured environment to further develop their writing ability with the help of an instructor, campus resources, and their peers.

  • Honors 215: Researching Kansas City (3 hours, Lecture):
  • This three-hour interdisciplinary undergraduate research course invites students to investigate important issues of the past or present in Kansas City using local resources. The class will introduce students to research methods appropriate to the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences and technologies, such as archival research or field work; help students identify and pursue relevant research questions; guide students in using their research to produce academic papers; and encourage students to explore ways to share their research with broader audiences. The instructor will help students pursue funding opportunities to continue to develop their projects beyond this semester. This class fulfills the Focus C requirement for general education and is designated a EUReka class. Non-honors students who have a 28+ ACT and/or a 3.5 GPA may receive permission to enroll. Contract Dr. Gayle Levy ( for consent.

  • Honors 330: Honors Thesis/Project Practicum (1 hour, Lecture):
  • This one-credit course will prepare students to undertake a Senior Honors Thesis or Project, or a capstone paper for other programs. In this class, students will explore different options for theses or projects; identify a topic and faculty advisor; plan the production of the thesis or project; produce a component of the thesis or project; and collaborate effectively with other honors students to develop their plans. This class is appropriate for juniors who can then devote their senior year to producing the final work. Non-honors students who have a 28+ ACT and/or a 3.5 GPA may receive permission to enroll. Contact Dr. Gayle Levy ( for consent.


Other UMKC Writing Assistance Sources


UMKC Reading Assistance Sources


Publication Opportunities

  • Lucerna: Lucerna is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal, and UMKC's only undergraduate research journal, publishing articles by students in the social sciences, sciences, and humanities. Find out more at
  • The Sosland Journal: The Sosland Journal is an annual publication, funded by Rheta Sosland-Hurwitt, that features essays by student winners of the Ilus W. Davis Writing Competition. Find out more at


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