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Larry Hernandez

Year in School:  Senior
:  Cello Performance & Music Theory
Faculty Mentor
:  Dr. David Thurmaier, Dept. of Composition, Music Theory, & Musicology, Conservatory of Music and Dance.
Ask Larry a question.

Why is undergraduate research important to you?

Undergraduate research is important to me because it lets me study things I have more of a personal interest in, which makes the whole research process much more satisfying. I know the experience I have gained as an undergraduate researcher has already had a positive impact on the courses I am currently taking and will prove beneficial in graduate school.

How did you find your mentor?
As second semester sophomore, I was already taking a course that emphasized undergraduate research, Musicianship IV, so naturally I approached my professor, Dr. Thurmaier, about my project idea, and he was very happy to be my mentor.

How did you determine what your particular research project would be?
After a trip to Mexico near the end of 2014, I became curious about Mexican and Latin American classical music. I became interested in listening to more classical music by Mexican composers, particularly Silvestre Revueltas and Carlos Chávez. I then began looking for books at the university library, only to find just two books, one for each composer. So, I decided that I wanted to learn more about their lives and music. My advice is simply to pick something you are curious to learn more about.


Dr. Jane Greer, Director
106 Cockefair Hall

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March 1, 2021 at 5:00 pm
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