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UMKC's Undergraduate Research Advisory Board

Consisting of teaching and research faculty from across all units at UMKC, the Undergraduate Research Advisory Board is charged to:

  • Advise the Director of Undergraduate Research regarding the development of undergraduate research programs at UMKC, particularly with an eye toward reaching students in under-represented groups and ensuring that undergraduate research opportunities are available throughout students’ entire baccalaureate careers;
  • Facilitate peer review processes for awarding funds to students via SEARCH, SUROP, and other competitive opportunities that may arise ;
  • Advise the Director of Undergraduate Research on the awarding of funding to students via SEARCH, SUROP, and other competitive opportunities that may arise;
  • Recruit and evaluate nominations for student representatives to Undergraduate Research Day @ the Capitol (URD@C);
  • Evaluate and approve courses submitted for designation as EUReka offerings;
  • Evaluate nominations of undergraduate researchers for the honorary designation of “Undergraduate Research Fellow”;
  • Assist in the solicitation and evaluation of nominations for awards to outstanding faculty mentors of undergraduate researchers;
  • Assist in the gathering of information for and production of an annual report on undergraduate research activities to be distributed to internal and external stakeholders;
  • Serve as advocate for undergraduate research in across the university;
  • Provide logistical support to the Director of Undergraduate Research in carrying out events such as the Undergraduate Research Symposium, etc.

Undergraduate Research Advisory Board Roster, 2015-2016



Contact Information

Dr. Eduardo Abreu

School of Nursing & Health Sciences (816) 235-5967
Dr. Majid Bani-Yaghoub Dept. of Mathematics, College of Arts & Sciences (816) 235-2845
Dr. Leonard Dobens School of Biological Sciences (816) 235-6272
Dr. Travis Fields School of Computing & Engineering (816) 235-1291
Dr. Andrew Granade Conservatory of Music and Dance (816) 235-2937
Dr. Saul Honigberg School of Biological Sciences (816)235-2578
Dr. Seung Lark Lim

Dept. of Psychology, College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Nathan Mauck Bloch School of Management (816)235-6113
Dr. James Murowchick Dept. of Geosciences, College of Arts & Sciences (816)235-2979
Dr. Kindel Nash School of Education (816)235-6027
Dr. Lynda Payne Dept. of History, College of Arts & Sciences (816)235-5882
Dr. Paul Rulis Dept. of Physics, College of Arts & Sciences (816)235-1537
Dr. Jane Greer, Director of Undergraduate Research Depart. of English and Women’s & Gender Studies, College of Arts & Sciences (816)235-2557