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andersonDr. Stephanie Frank
Assistant Professor

Department: Urban Planning and Design
EUReka Course: UPD 260, History of Planning and Urban Design
See Dr. Frank's Syllabus.

How was teaching your EUReka class different from other similar classes you've taught?
For the EUReka class, I added mentoring and dissemination components to it. At the beginning of the semester, I met with each student one-on-one before the first assignment was due to make sure they were each comfortable with the class and understood the expectations of the assignment. I also had students publish the findings from two research assignments to a class blog.

How did teaching a EUReka class allow you to more tightly intertwine your research interest and your teaching responsibilities?
I was already teaching a research-focused class so it helped me streamline it. The incentives also pay for continued research assistance.

What do you think your EUReka students benefited from being exposed to undergraduate research early in their academic careers?
Students seem to be more engaged in their assignments and the other content of the course. I also found multiple students who were interested in pursuing more research as a result of the course.

What advice would you have for colleagues thinking of offering a EUReka course
Do it! I find that most students enjoy the experience and learn more through the process than they might initially recognize.