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Amanda Grimes

Dr. Amanda Grimes
Assistant Professor

Department: School of Nursing and Health Studies; Bachelor of Health Sciences
EUReka Course: HLSC 230, Health Issues in Aging
See Dr. Grimes's Syllabus.

Was your course created as a EUReka course, or was an existing course adapted to meet the EUReka requirements?
An existing course was adapted to EUReka requirements. I expanded an assignment that used qualitative interview techniques to include developing a research question, data analysis and interpretation, and presenting the results in a scientific format.

How does teaching a EUReka course compare to teaching similar classes without the designation?
Like implementing new elements in any course, it takes preparation, flexibility, and willingness to learn along the way with your students. Teaching a EUReka course requires development beyond typical course content and requires creative curriculum to integrate research methods into typical course content.

What benefits do you think your students gained from participating in the course-based undergraduate research experience?
Students are able to take a unique ownership of their learning. They are empowered to ask questions, gather primary data, and identify trends. This opportunity not only expands their knowledge in research methods and course-related topics, but challenges their pre-conceived notions related to research and biases.

What advice would you give instructors thinking about developing a EUReka course?
Be flexible. Be mindful of how long each step in the research process takes so that students don’t feel rushed when they are out of their comfort zone. Integrate small group meetings with the professor along the way so that students are confident they are on the right track throughout the process.