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andersonDr. Saul Honigberg
Associate Professor

Department: Biology
EUReka Course:  Biology 206H, Genetics (Honors Section)
See Dr. Honiberg's Syllabus.

How was teaching your EUReka class different from other similar classes you've taught?
The Eureka class (Honors Genetics, BIOH206) incorporated original group projects on synthetic biology design that were made into poster presentations. This year was the first that these posters were presented at the undergraduate research symposium and displayed in the Biological Sciences Building.
How did teaching a EUReka class allow you to more tightly intertwine your research interest and your teaching responsibilities?
In this course, we demonstrate fundamental concepts in Genetics using examples from modern as well as classic experiments. The course incorporated both instructors’ expertise in running federally funded genetics labs.
What do you think your EUReka students benefited from being exposed to undergraduate research early in their academic careers?
The course this year has served to bridge at least 5-6 of the undergraduates in the lab to become involved in research labs. The course demonstrates the both the opportunity and the fun of independent thinking/research in biological sciences. Many undergraduates early in their academic career do not realize that undergraduate research is a possibility for them even at this early stage.

What advice would you have for colleagues thinking of offering a EUReka course
It was possible to expand/modify an existing course to align it with the goals of Eureka, particularly in linking 1st and 2nd year students to original undergraduate research.