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Experiences in Undergraduate Research

EUReka! Courses (Experiences in Undergraduate Research) offer undergraduates the opportunity to experience the excitement of discovery early in their academic careers and to begin building a relationship with a faculty mentor. EUReka classes are offered in disciplines and departments from across the university. In a EUReka course, students might find themselves exploring how mathematical modeling can be used to solve community health problems; interviewing contemporary composers about their creative processes; recovering the history of Kansas City in local archives; analyzing genes and their protein products; or investigating the digital literacy practices of campus groups. Students can search for EUReka classes in Pathway as an "Attribute" of any section of a course.

EUReka Classes for Fall 2020

English 215: Introduction to Poetry Dr. Hadara Bar-Nadav Online, 1st Eight Weeks
GECRT-AH 101: Critical Thinking in the Arts & Humanities / Topic: Text Technologies
Dr. Virginia Blanton TuTh, 2:30-3:45
GECRT-SC101: How Do I Live in a Changing World Topic: Nature's Fury
Dr. Alison Graettinger
Dr. Alison Graettinger
TuTh, 1:00 to 2:15
TuTh, 11:30 to 12:45
HLSC 230: Health Issues in Aging
Dr. Amanda Grimes TuTh, 10:00 to 11:15
Public Health 158: Public Health Principles
Dr. Joseph Lightner Blended Online & Classroom

For Faculty Interested in Proposing EUReka Courses:

Applications for proposing new EUReka courses are accepted on a rolling basis, but the EUReka designation cannot be added once students have begun to enroll in PATHWAY. The application can be found here. Questions? Contact UMKC's Director of Undergraduate Research, Jane Greer.

To see profiles of faculty who have taught EUReka courses, click here.


Dr. Jane Greer, Director
106 Cockefair Hall

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