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Lucerna, a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal, is the only undergraduate journal at UMKC, publishing articles by students in the social sciences, sciences, and humanities. Established in 2005 by the UMKC Honors Program, Lucerna's purpose is to cultivate and showcase high-caliber scholarship from the entire UMKC undergraduate community. Any UMKC student may submit a research paper between 1000 and 6000 words, written anytime during their undergraduate academic career.

Reach A National/International Audience

The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) maintains a list of journals that publish undergraduate research and creative scholarship. Be sure to check with your faculty mentor and solicit his/her advice before submitting your work to any publication

Presentation Tips

How to Write a SEARCH or SUROP Proposal

This video presentation describes how an undergraduate researcher, scholar, or artist can write an effective proposal for a SEARCH or SUROP grant.

Faculty Expectations

What do faculty look for in an undergraduate researcher?

Faculty expectations will vary according to discipline and individual faculty preferences. The following list outlines some general faculty expectations.

Commitment to Learning. Successful undergraduate researchers demonstrate a genuine desire to expand their own knowledge. Your intellectual curiosity may be your most important asset.

Self-motivation. Successful undergraduate researchers demonstrate the ability to work independently. Your supervisor should not have to prompt you to show up for work or finish a project.

Good Communication Skills. It is your responsibility to report progress and seek guidance when you need it. If you encounter a problem or make a mistake, discuss it with your faculty supervisor right away.

Time Commitment. Some professors may require that you work regular hours each week or that you commit to multiple semesters of work. Be sure to discuss expectations about time and procedures for recording the hours you work.

Research Ethics. Whether you are working with human subjects or dealing with original documents, it is crucial that you familiarize yourself with the ethical conventions in your field and relevant Institutional Review Board (IRB) procedures.

Coursework. Some professors may prefer to work with students who have completed a specific course or courses. If possible, interview other students who have worked with this professor

Course credit. Some professors may prefer that you pursue course credit for your research experience. If you register for independent study or research hours, you should inform yourself about the requirements.

Source: Monte, Aaron. "Mentor Expectations and Student Responsibilities in Undergraduate Research." Council on Undergraduate Research Quarterly. December 2001.


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