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2015 SUROP Abstracts Symposium

September 3, 2015

Poster Line-Up

Poster Department
Dan McCullough
Flight Testing of a Controlled Ram-Air Parafoil
Computing & Engineering
Juan José Bettancourt-García
A Sudden Temptation: Slave Agency, Enlightened Jurisprudence, and Power Struggles in Antioquia, 1804-1808
Amy Anderson
The Relationship between Chronic Partial Sleep Deprivation and Sensorimotor Gating
Cole Payne
What Does Ground Water Sound Like?
Jacob Asgian
Waste Fly Ash as a Novel Soil Mixing Technique
Computing & Engineering
Lerie Gabriel
Corinthian Nutter: The Humble Rhetor who Changed Johnson County School District—1947-1949
Trent Weston
The Effect of Emotional Expression of Age Judgment
Peter Uhl
Modeling the Dynamics of Wild Type and Mutant HIV Strains in the Presence of Morphine
Mathematics & Statistics
Andrew J. Ramsey
Nutrient Remediation of Groundwater by Pervious Concrete
Computing & Engineering
Larry Hernandez
Nationalist Characteristics in the Melodies of Carlos Chávez and Silvestre Revueltas
Conservatory of Music and Dance
Molly Penrod
The Effects of Calorie Information on Food Choice Decisions
Abigail Menke
IME1 Expression in Response to Acetate and Glucose in Mutated Strains of S.cerevisiae
Biological Sciences
Simon P. Clark
Quadcopter Feedforward Control Development
Computing & Engineering
Annie Liljegren
Investigating the Adair Chantbook – Five Versions of the Credo Chant Population
Elizabeth Duarte-Rios
Assessment of Hispanic Mothers Regarding Knowledge and Perceptions about HPV Vaccines
Nursing & Health Studies
Rene Rodriquez
Establishing Protocols for a Virtual World and Hands Free Interface for Electronic Structure Data Analysis
Yujung Oh
The Effect of Weight on Happiness Perception
Jared DeLee
Coal Combustion Bottom Ash as an Internal Curing Agent
Computing & Engineering
Jesse Haskin
Analyses of Possible Cometary Impact Evidence in Quaternary Lake Sediment of Laguna Chapala Sec, Baja California, Mexico
Matthew Paul
Application and Evaluation of 3D Printed Materials with PALS
Tielyr Creason
Exploration of p300-TAZ2: MTF-1-AD Domain Interactions Using Biophysical Methods
Biological Sciences
José M. Silva-Rodriquez
Can a Multi-sensor Approach Overcome the Problem of Position Drift for Personal Inertial Navigation Systems?
Brian Dye
Distinguishing Tsunami Deposits from Storm Deposits by Examining the Microfossil Assemblage of the 1952 Tsunami on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Far Eastern Russia
Aldair Gongora
Optimization of a 6-Degree of Freedom Quadcopter Dynamic Model
Computing & Engineering
Thuong Dang Nguyen
The Investigation of an a-BxC:Hy Plasma Using a Langmuir Probe
Physics & Astronomy
Paige Norris
The Use of Vacuum Impregnated Lightweight Aggregate in Pervious Concrete to Enhance Nutrient Removal in Ground Water
Computing & Engineering
Kaylee A. Thomas
Investigation of the Younger Dryas Event through Analysis of Sediment from Lake Chapala, Baja California, Mexico
Samaa Gazazz
Harnessing Kansas City Open Data to Improve the Lives of Citizens
Computing & Engineering
Kelsey McCormick
The Effect of Heavy Metals Removal on Cure Times
Computing & Engineering
Emily McMichael
The Effects of Artificial Sweeteners on Pathogenic Fungal Growth, Drug Susceptibility, and Competition
Biological Sciences
Sara Lamprise
Leaching Permethrin-treated Bed Nets
Gillen Brown
Quantifying the Effect of WISE Data on Euclid Stellar Mass Measurements
Physics & Astronomy
Richelle Hendrix
Regulatory Genes within Egg Chambers in Response to Starvation
Biological Sciences
Mehrdad Ostovar
Determinants of Foreign Investment in Germany’s Real Estate Market
Myles Cheadle
Gordon Parks Research for Nelson-Atkins Exhibition on Photography of Civil Rights Era
Art History