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2016 Undergraduate Symposium of

Research & Scholarly Creativity

April 21, 2016

Presentations of Distinction

  • Arts & Humanities
    Rachel Hoffman, Department of English (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jane Greer)
    “Getting Mouthy: The Displayed Authority of Dr. Katherine Berry Richardson.”
  • Biological and Health Sciences
    Justin P. Minor and Abigail Menke, School of Biological Sciences (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Saul Honigberg)
    “Loss of Heterozygosity in Ageing Yeast Colonies.”
  • Computing and Engineering
    Ricky Abnos, Department of Civil & Mechanical Engineering (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Greg King)
    “Motion Capture Technology as a Method for Measuring the Effect of Magnification Lenses on Dental Clinician Posture.”
  • Physical Sciences & Mathematics
    Zoë Lemon, Department of Physics (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michelle Paquette)
    “Electrical Reliability Studies of Thin Boron Carbide Films.”
  • Behavioral and Social Sciences
    Melody Roberts, Department of Psychology (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Diane Filion and Dr. Andrew Wiese)
    “The Relationship between Sleep Quality and the Cognitive Demand of Cognitive Reappraisal.”
  • KC Works (an interdisciplinary category focused on research, scholarship, and artistic works centered in or
    inspired by the local community)
    Stephanie Montoya, Department of Economics (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Judith Ancel)
    "Wage Theft in Kansas City."

General Poster Line-Up

Poster Department
Mariana Bichara
Herbal Products and Dietary Supplements: A Survey of Use, Attitudes, and Knowledge Among Hispanic Adults
School of Nursing & Health Studies
Amy Anderson and Jacob Gurera
The Relationship between Physiological Habituation and Behavioral Resiliency
Weston Duley
Interaction Between Groundwater and Surface Water throughout a Flood Cycle: A Case Study in Atherton, MO
Olivia Ashbrook
Critical Exploration of New Museum Architecture in New York
Art History
Justin P. Skorupa
Improving the Durability of Photocatalytic Surface Coatings on Concrete Using Lithium Silicate Densifier
Civil Engineering
Benjamin Allgeyer
The Role of Two Conserved Bases A1397 and C1503 in 16S Rrna in Reading Frame Maintenance
Biological Sciences
Lindsey Brave
Information Capture in 12 Fixations
Olivia Talavera
A Practical, Multi-gram Synthesis of the Antibacterial Agent cis-Trikentrin B
Krishna Amin & My-An Diane Pham
Biochemical Characterization of Enzymatic Activity of a Putative Polyuronase from Bacillus subtilis
Biological Sciences
Sean Wheaton
Is Sleep Related to Changes in BMIz in a Pediatric Weight Management Program with an Ethnically Diverse Sample?
Hannah Brackett
Mathematical Modeling for Fluid Flow through Anisotropic Porous Media
Danielle Moran
Coal Black: A Novel
Richelle Hendrix
High Dietary Sugar Provides Insight to Tribbles’ Role in Regulating Metastasis
Biological Sciences
Annisah Thompson
Relationships Between Religiosity, Pastoral Counseling, and Mental and Physical Health Among African American Church and Community Members in Kansas City
Denita Hoard, Yazmin Campos Martinez, & Lindsey Brave
Social Support for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren; Path to Empowerment
Jared DeLee
Using Coal Waste to Improve Concrete
Civil Engineering
Adriana Capraio
Examination of the Relationship between Response Patterns on a Test of Sustained Attention and Automatic Inhibition of Distracting Stimuli
Jessica Hills
Assessment of Carrion Beetle Diversity at Rural and Urban Sites
Biological Sciences
Elana Carter
Critical Exploration of New Museum Architecture in New York
Art History
Karen Ecton
Mapping Earthquake-Induced Liquefaction Features in the New Madrid Seismic Zone
Olivia Cross
Shifts of Tonic Arousal Within and Between Tasks that Vary in Cognitive Demand
Sanket Desai
Access to Healthcare in a Trauma-Stricken Homeless Population of Women
Abigail Menke
Reproducibility in High-Throughput Mutagenesis and Gene Expression Analysis
Biological Sciences
Ricky Abnos
Motion Capture Technology as a Method for Measuring the Effect of Magnification Lenses on Dental Clinician Posture
Computing & Engineering
Lauren Holt
Constraining the Age of Earthquakes on the Himalayan Frontal Thrust at the Lal Dhang Site in India by Dating the Aqueduct at the Base of the Scarp
Samantha Dodda
Does SES (Socioeconomic Status), Age, and Education Contribute to the Stigma of HIV/AIDS in African American Religious Communities
Jared Kirk Williams
Charles II and the Battle Of Worcester
Zoë Lemon
Electrical Reliability Studies of Thin Boron Carbide Films
Justin P. Minor & Abigail Menke
Loss of Heterozygosity in Ageing Yeast Colonies
Biological Sciences
Jonathan Finch
Validity of a Commonly Used Accelerometer for Assessing Sedentary Time: Agreement between the ActiGraph Accelerometer and ActivPAL
Jessica Hildreth
The Effect of Coping Behaviors on Health
David Nahlik & Amber Petrillo
Purification and Crystallization of a Putative Polygalacturonase from Bacillus subtilis
Biological Sciences
Simone Jones
Differences in Disclosure of Sexual Activity among African American Men and Women in Faith-Based Settings
Rachel Hoffman
Getting Mouthy: The Displayed Authority of Dr. Katherine Berry Richardson
Marisol Reyna
Preparation and Characterization of Cr3+ - doped Zn3Ga2Ge2O10
Michelle Magri
Does Learning Potential Predict Fear of Diagnostic Disclosure Among Persons with Serious Mental Illness?
Cole Payne, Hannah Huhman, & Andrew French
Spectral Analysis of Groundwater: An Interdisciplinary Study
Geosciences & Conservatory
Sarah Park
Muscle-Tendon Crosstalk: Evidence by Protective Effects against Oxidative Stress
Nursing and Health Studies
Andrew Ramsey
Pervious Reactive Concrete Removal of Organic Contaminants from Surface Water
Civil Engineering
Evelyn S. Donis de Miranda
Media Portrayals of Latina/os and their Impact on Latina/o Undergraduate Students
Latina/Latino Studies
Elizabeth Porto
sina Mutations Cause Aberrant Synaptonemal Complex in Drosophila melanogaster
Biological Sciences
Melody Lloyd
Classification and Regression Tree Analysis of Smoking Cessation in Population of Smokers Who Are Not Ready to Quit.
Melody Roberts
The Relationship between Sleep Quality and the Cognitive Demand of Cognitive Reappraisal
Ada Thapa
Functional Characterization of a Novel SAGA deubiquitinase Interaction Partner
Biological Sciences
Stephanie Montoya
Wage Theft In Kansas City
Latina/Latino Studies
Stephen Tran
Voltage-gated Calcium Channels and Tenocyte Response to Oxidative Stress
School of Nursing & Health Studies
Luke Salisbury
Arsenic Sorption on Cement in Pervious Concrete – Saving Bangladesh’s Drinking Water
Civil Engineering
Connor McLeod
A Study of Sobel and Canny Edge Detection Methods in Image Processing
Grace Smith
Task Demands Affect Spontaneous Eye Blinking
Diana Lynn Williamson
Developing a System for RNA Lariat Detection
Biological Sciences
Sarah Smith
Government and NGO Efforts to Suppress Sexual Exploitation
Political Science
Bailey Schumm
Modeling Economic Growth as Dynamic Systems
Andrey Smirnov
Distribution of Petroleum Compounds within a Section

Posters from Undergraduate Researchers, Scholars, and Artists

Enrolled in EUreka Classes

Poster Department
Gabi Acosta, Drew Cox, Emily Ishmael, & Joseph Yang
Alco-Yeast: Genetically Engineering the Complete Breakdown of Alcohol in Saccharomyces cerevisiae--- So good, it’s un-beer-lievable!
Biological Sciences
Abigail Brown, Hanna Nisar, Connor Stubblefield, & Nicole Trinh
Uptake of Harmful Greenhouse Gas: Methane
Biological Sciences
Nickolas Kawaguchi, Andrew Harold, Shanya Namiq, & Jennifer Hunter
Biofiltration of Lead in Water
Biological Sciences
Mackenzie Sievert, Dao Ho, Mariem Towakoli, & Ben Gans
Removal of Landfill Plastics
Biological Sciences
Abigail Wilson, Osama Ehtesham, Samuel Gutierrez, & Mollie Ross
E. Coli Bioluminescence in Black Ice
Biological Sciences

Oral Presentations

Physical Sciences & Computer/Engineering
  • Gillen Brown, Physics & Astronomy
    "Quantifying the Effect on WISE Data on Euclid Stellar Mass Measurements"
  • Jakob Ganschow, Philosophy
    "Spinoza as the Metaphysical Completion of Stoicism."
  • Abigail Osgood, English
    "Librarian for President: Political Persuasion in the Rhetoric of Nancy Kalikow Maxwell."
  • Micah Prior, History
    "Gender, Kingship, and Sovereignty: A Historical Analysis of the Subversive Use of Literary Tropes in the Late Middle Ages."