Partner with UMKC for Service-Learning

Community partners are half of the service-learning equation.  Understanding how to connect with faculty and students who do service-learning work to meet your goals is a top priority of the Service-Learning Program and one of the main purposes for Serve 2 Learn.  Using the links on the left you can enroll in Serve 2 Learn and log-in to the site.  More information on service-learning for community partners is available below.
Working with students and faculty for service-learning differs from working with volunteers. Here are some tips to planning effective service-learning projects. They are organized to provide a series of steps in working with UMKC’s Service-Learning Program and faculty members to plan service-learning projects. Most of the steps can take place during one meeting with a commitment to follow-up on next steps. 
  • Begin with timing — what timetable of planning and projects works for you and with the academic calendar?
  • Identify potential activities students could undertake for the organization
  • Determine the amount of time students will spend on service-learning projects
  • Identify objectives for student learning based on the service-learning
  • Delineate responsibilities for supervising students while at the community organization
  • Discuss the academic calendar and community organization’s timeline
  • Determine how many students your organization can supervise — consider student availability and your organization’s hours of operation
  • Talk about potential risks and how they might be managed
  • Clearly articulate desired outcomes, roles and expectations of each partner --- community organization, faculty and students
  • Identify appropriate contacts and communication modes for keeping partners informed of progress and for handling challenges that may arise
  • Add your information to UMKC Serve 2 Learn
  • Have orientation sessions specific to the service-learning project
  • Keep your Serve 2 Learn page up-to-date!

Need assistance with Serve 2 Learn? Download our how-to instructions.


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