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Who can play intramural sports?

Only UMKC students who have paid their fees are eligible. MCCKC students dually enrolled at UMKC are also eligible to participate (some limitations apply; please contact Swinney Recreation Center to confirm eligibility). Intramurals is subsidized by student fees and is offered as a low cost option to encourage participation.

What sports are offered?

In the fall, we offer flag football and volleyball leagues. In the spring, we offer basketball, soccer, softball and kickball leagues. We also

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

How do I sign up?

Once you find enough players to make a team, go online to You must use your UMKC email address to create a profile. From there click on the school icon, and find the sport, league, and time you wish to sign up for. Once you pay and pass the quiz, you will be able to see your team's profile and add players to your roster once they have created their own profiles. Prior to your first game, you will pay an additional $20. This money is refundable if your team does not forfeit an contests throughout the course of the season.

When are games played?

Individual sports competition times will vary among the various sports. When you sign up a team, you will select a time that you will play each week until playoffs. Field availability and weather may alter that time, but generally that is the time your team may expect to play. After the registration period ends, you may see your schedule on When playoffs begin, that time will change. You will be able to see all game times on the bracket.

What if I don't have a team?

Email If there are enough free agents, we will make a team from the group. If there are not enough, at the start of the season we will message your contact information to teams who are looking to fill their rosters, respectively.

How many teams can I play on?

Throughout the duration of the season, a participant may play on only one team per league (not to be confused with division). For instance, a male student may play on a men's team and a co-rec team in the same sport. If that student participated on two men's teams or co-rec teams, they risk forfeiting any wins for games in which they signed in for.

Where do we play?

Most events will take place on campus at either the Swinney Recreation Center or Durwood Stadium. On occasion games will take place off campus at the Plaza Tennis Courts, St. Teresa's High School, or other locations as announced by the Intramural Sports Office.

What if we can't make our game time?

You must contact the Intramural Sports Office at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled game time. If the office is not given notice in that time frame, you will lose the $20 forfeit deposit. We can be reached at and (816)235-2719.

Why should I play Intramural Sports?

Participants will be able to compete in sports they enjoy or wish to try in a structured and friendly environment. Along with grasping the utility of leadership and teamwork, on average participants have a higher GPA and are more likely to graduate on time than those students that do not participate.

Why should I play Intramural Sports?

Contact Brian Westhues at There is no experience required, but you will need to be familiar with the sport you wish to officiate.

Have a question not listed above?

Please contact Campus Recreation & Intramurals at 816.235.2719 or email us.


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