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Here's to Your Health!
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Welcome to Roo Wellness: Complete Student Wellness Program

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Welcome to Roo Wellness, a portal to the many campus and community resources available to assist UMKC students in developing a life that is balanced. This portal provides students with tips on wellness, resources available on campus and in the community, and a mechanism for students to connect with each other in order to support the campus wellness initiatives and each other. .

Here's to your Health!

What is wellness?

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence.

  • Process means that improvement is always possible.
  • Aware means that we are continuously seeking more information about how we can improve.
  • Choices mean that we consider a variety of options and select those in our best interest.
  • Success is determined by each individual to be their collection of life accomplishments.

This means developing attitudes and engaging in behaviors that enhance quality of life and maximize personal potential. Wellness is truly a balance in life and involves influencing factors that you control as an individual.

It is a journey over a lifetime. Small changes in behavior allow for huge changes in the quality of life!

  How does UMKC support student wellness?

As part of the mission of the University of Missouri - Kansas City to "create a vibrant learning and campus life experience" Roo Wellness is committed to a creating a campus and community environment that encourages and supports wellness for all students.

The goal of the Roo Wellness program is to empower students to make proactive and responsible choices regarding their health through opportunities that promote all the dimensions of Wellness.

Why should I be concerned about wellness?

Overall wellness is reliant on harmony between all the dimensions of wellness. Imbalance in one area will affect other areas. In order for our bodies and minds to perform optimally, our approach to wellness must be balanced.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as, "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity".* This definition has not been amended since 1948.

* Preamble to the Constitution of the World Health Organization as adopted by the International Health Conference, New York, 19-22 June, 1946; signed on 22 July 1946 by the representatives of 61 States (Official Records of the World Health Organization, no. 2, p. 100) and entered into force on 7 April 1948.


Fitness facts

Benefits of lifting weights:
~ Reduce risk of diabetes

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Roo Wellness and You!

Roo Wellness is Swinney Recreation Center's student holistic health alliance dedicated to supporting the overall health, development and success of UMKC Roos! The monthly calendars serve as your ultimate resource to holistic health and wellness opportunities found at UMKC and/or the surrounding Kansas City community - all provided at little to no cost. Yes, FREE health and wellness! While most of the events highlighted in each month's calendar are FREE, some have a minimal cost associated and these costs will be listed in blue.

So, Roo Wellness Crew, what is stopping you? Get out there; get moving and get to learning! Find personal growth while achieving better health!

Below are the various resources for Roo Wellness:


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Fitness facts

Benefits of lifting weights:
~ Reduce risk of heart disease

personal training

Personal Training Session

Once we’ve worked with you to develop a personalized exercise program, you may want some additional individual attention to keep you motivated and focused. The personal trainer will meet with you as you work out, make adjustments to your program, provide feedback and help you establish good exercise technique. Personal training sessions are one hour in length and include continued instruction in topics relevant to your goals.

$40 for personal training session (one-hour)
$160 for package of five, one-hour personal training sessions

Fitness facts

Benefits of lifting weights:
~ Reduce risk of injury, back pain and arthritis

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Fitness Testing Center

The SRC Fitness Testing Center will provide a complete evaluation of your physical fitness and assistance in planning your workouts.
For more information call 816-235-5425.


By appointment, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Personal Fitness Evaluations:

Personalized exercise program (PEP)
Includes: 90 minute session–personalized exercise program and a BOD POD assessment
Personal training session (1 hour session) $40
Package of five, one-hour personal training sessions $160
BOD POD Body Composition Assessment $35
Package of four BOD POD Assessments $120

Fitness Facts

Benefits of lifting weights:
~ Reduce risk of osteoporosis

personal training

Roo's Kitchen

1st floor tour apartment in the Hospital Hill Apartments

Cooking to provide tips and tricks for quick, easy, and nutritious meals and snacks for UMKC Students.

Volunteer to cook and EAT by contacting Shannon Hutsler at or 816.235.5425


Fitness facts

Benefits of lifting weights:
~ Reduce risk of injury, back pain and arthritis

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